List of updates / new info. on Vox solid state amps (1967-1972)

2019 - January to April

31st March

"Vox Sound Equipment Limited" Dynamic Bass serial number 2153 and speaker cabinet - late 1969. Thanks to Dennis for the pictures.

30th March

"Vox Sound Limited" PA 100 Reverb serial number 1013. Thanks to Jim for the images.

25th March

Below the front and back cover of the Vox solid state brochure printed for the Australian market, probably in the last quarter of 1966. The amps illustrated are in their pre-production format - the Virtuoso still called the Supreme, and the Supreme called the Beatle.

Images of the central spread (detailing the amps) will be posted in due course.

The footswitch exhibited at the in late August '66 is offered as an optional extra. Fortunately it was never formally put into production.

15th March

Dynamic Bass serial number 1011. Thanks to Sergio for the pictures. More to follow.

12th March

Above, a well-used but still-playable copy of the flexi disk produced by Thomas Organ to promote the new Vox Wah-Wah pedal in February 1967. Batches of the disk were evidently sent to Jennings for the promotion of its new pedal, released a couple of months after the American one.

See the entry below for 27th January for some more Thomas Organ advertising.

18th February

Defiant serial number 2085, "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", late 1968 or early 1969, complete with its cab and footswitch. Thanks to Romu for the pictures. One of the capacitors is marked "February 1968".

11th February

The entry below for 25th November notes the addition of an . A couple of new photos indicate that is definitely early (and not just "earlyish").

The speaker cab is stamped as an ST30 (Super-Twin 30) rather than "Conqueror":

and the surviving 2N3055 has a date code beginning "6" - 1966, possibly "6E" or "6G":

Image enlarged beyond its natural size.

9th February

The entry below has been updated with further images of the Jennings version of the brochure.

8th February

Below, the Thomas Organ brochure from 1966 setting out the rationale for transistors. This was taken up in 1967 by Jennings and issued with a slightly different cover and other modifications.

The four pictures above, the Thomas Organ brochure

The cover of the Jennings brochure. Notice that the amplifier sections do not have the sloping sides depicted in the Thomas version.

Below, pages from the JMI solid state brochure, printed in black and white in the "Vox Story", ed. Denney and Petersen. The text provided in the American version has been enlarged upon considerably.

3rd February

The nicest Dynamic Bass to have come to light so far - serial number 1068, the speaker cabinet still with its original cover. Thanks to Matthew for details and pictures. The amp is . Below, the cover, with its cut-outs at back for the chrome amp support:

The cut-outs for the chrome support are reinforced with black leather surrounds (as the handle opening of amp covers are) to prevent tearing.

28th January

Dynamic Bass serial number 2049 - "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", early 1969 - .

  • Thanks to Marc for the pictures.

27th January (2)

Vox Teenbeat Magazine, volume II, no. 2, early 1967

"Billboard" magazine, 17th December, 1966. A picture of T. Warren Hampton, to whom applications for details of the new Thomas Organ Wah-Wah pedal were sent - see the entry below.

27th January

A Vox grey Wah from late 1967 / early 1968 - serial number 6382 - is currently on (no affiliation). Around 2,000 of these pedals were made by Jennings. See this page.

Below, early advertising for the Thomas Organ wah-wah pedal, which preceded the English one by a couple of months:

"Vox Teenbeat" magazine, volume II, no. 2 - not dated, but evidently from early 1967. The Stones tour of Europe "this year" - Hamburg, Berlin, Essen...Zurich, Athens, is mentioned. The tour in question took place in late March / April '67. And The Monkees are said to have scheduled two performances in London - which took place in July '67. Lower left in the advert, "Vox Ltd and Wah Wah Girls" - what a name.

From the same magazine. Mr T. Warren Hampton was the Wah-Wah man at Sepulveda - see the form below. Note the offer of the free record. There were also commercials on the radio - YouTube clip below.

The form.

26th January

Vox Foundation Bass serial number 2836. A great set, currently in Belgium. The amp was probably made in late 1972 / early 1973, one of the last of the line.

23rd January (2)

Dynamic Bass serial number 2094 - "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" - .

23rd January

Traveller serial number 1218 - "Amplifier" rather than "Vox Amplifier" on the plate:

22nd January

Three JMI Conquerors from late 1967 / early 1968. They straddle the period during which logos came to have "Solid State" in smaller letters under "VOX":

vox conqueror 1459

Conqueror, , said to be serial number 1459. The logos, however, do not have "Solid State". Perhaps correct.

vox conqueror 1425
vox conqueror 1425

Conqueror serial number 1425. "Solid State" in the logo of the cab but not the amp. The amp is registered .

vox conqueror 1968

"Solid State" in the logo of the amp, so a serial number somewhere above 1420. A good set, complete with footswitch.

21st January

A Defiant from 1972 . The back panels of amp and cab do not survive; the two are nonetheless in reasonable order.

  • vox defiant vsl
  • vox defiant vsl
  • vox defiant vsl

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