Jennings Musical Industries: 1967

The picture above is from the Vox solid state catalogue of July 1967. The amp ilustrated is actually a pre-production model - note the position of the footswitch socket. For more on prototypes and pre-production amps, .

Produced at the along with the other solid state amps, the Vox Conqueror was, early on, perhaps the best selling amp in the new range, remaining in production until 1970. It was, however, outlasted by the Defiant, Foundation Bass, Super Foundation Bass and Supreme.

vox conqueror

In April 1967, the Conqueror cost £170 and 2 shillings (pre-decimal). In today's money, that would be around £2,800 according to the Bank of England inflation calculator.

Its general format: a "Super Twin" solid state guitar amplifier, that is to say separate amp and speaker cabinet, 30 watts output, twin channel, with reverb, tremolo and distortion operated by a three-button footswitch. The normal channel had the tremolo along with switchable top boost. The treble channel had the distortion and a mid range boost effects network. Reverb could be switched between the two.

The speaker cab was a 2x12" containing two Celestion silver alnicos (T1088) wired in series - see the examples on this page, . The amp could be secured to the cab by two chrome-plated "tongues", so that both could be tilted back on the chrome side stands.

The Conqueror's analogue in the solid state bass range was the "", which shared the same power section (ie. also 30W), but had a different (bass) preamp.

The general characteristics of early Conquerors are:

  • DIMENSIONS. Conquerors are smaller than Defiants and Supremes. Amp: 23 1/2" wide, 9 1/2" high, 9 1/2" deep. Cab: 30" wide, 19" high, 12" deep. Covers were provided for both amp and cab but are extremely rare these days. For surviving examples, see the pics of the amp without a serial number following serial no. 1046 below, .
  • The earliest amps are termed "ST30R" ("Super Twin 30 Reverb") on the serial plates, not "Conqueror".
  • Serial numbers of amps after the first fifty or so are given in the form ST..xxxx.
  • Back panels are cloth covered and have angled corners.
  • The very earliest control panels are generally deep black. Later batches are, or have become, brown/bronze.
  • Fixings for the preamp are present on top of the wooden cases in the early amps.
  • Jack input sockets are metal and of open construction. Surrounds are white.
  • Logos simply state "VOX".
  • Lettering is in silver.
  • In some early amps, the top boost switch legends on the control panel are wrongly printed: OFF - MRB, instead of OFF - ON.
  • The schematic for the preamp is OS/136, the power amp OS/133.

Below, a register of surviving amps. If anyone knows of Conquerors that have not yet been included, do let me know.

Serial number 1005 - currently in Colorado

Serial number 1009 - currently in Germany

  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1009: general view with cab
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1009: view of control panel from above
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1009: serial number plate
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1009: seller's description of the no. is 3430R1009 = ST30R number 1009

The serial number is not legible from the photo, but the seller gave the details on the plate as being "3430R1009" = ST30R number 1009. The control panel is black, as below. The positions of the "Top Boost" switch are OFF - ON. Note that the cab is probably later - "Solid State" in its logo.

Serial number 1017

The first two pictures are from a couple of years ago. Control panel is black. Top Boost legend reads OFF - ON. Further pictures and details to follow.

Preamp chassis 01240, the Lemco capacitors with date code "XL" = November 1966; red CCL filter capacitors have "L6" = December '66. Power amp 01079. The main CCL filter caps have "K6" and "L6" = November and December 1966. The RCA 2N3054 transistor has "7A" = January '67. The main power transistors have been replaced.

Serial number 1019 - currently in the USA

  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: general view with UL730 cab
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: front view of amp
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: view of amp from above
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: left side of control panel
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: right side of control panel
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: rear of amp
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: rear of amp, speaker jack socket
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: rear of amp, replaced Bulgin mains socket
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: rear of amp, cut-out for mains socket
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: Preamp serial number, 1113
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: Power amp serial number, 1115
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: Power amp
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: underside of power amp
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: serial number plate
  • Vox Conqueror serial number 1019: detail of cloth on back panel

Preamp 1113; Power amp 1115. Sold on ebay.uk a few years ago. First picture: atop a 730 cab and trolley. Back panel recovered. Full working order. Thanks to Paul and Steve for the images.

Serial number 1035 - currently in Spain

An nice early amp - with a brown, rather than black, control panel. Original fittings still in place.

Serial number 1037 - currently in the UK

Serial number plate records the amp as a ST30R (not Conqueror), as is the case with 1019, above, and no. 1046, below. The legend of the Top Boost switch reads OFF - ON.

Serial number unknown - currently in the US

Great condition, the only evident change being the mains socket. Looks early. The control panel is black; preamp fixings on the box; early jack inputs with white surrounds; VOX in plain silver. But occasionally one finds black panels in conjunction with the other features mentioned in the low 1100 range.

Serial number unknown - currently in Australia

A nice early Conqueror, discovered in storage (20 years in a shed). The control panel has the misprinted legend OFF - MRB for the top boost, as is the case in the two amps below. Control panel is black; input jacks are metal; and there are holes on top of the box for preamp screws. The back panel has lost its cloth, serial number plate and logo. A few changes to the connectors on the back (a large Bulgin replaces the normal Belling Lee mains input), and replacement lamps and logo on the front, but everything easily reversible. Thanks to Tim for the pics.

Serial number 1046 - currently in the UK

A nice Vox Conqueror head. Preamp chassis 1045. Power amp chassis 1071. All effects in full working order. Some changes made in the 1990s have been reversed: a new Belling Lee mains socket to replace an IEC; new Bulgin pilot lamps (though with 1980s lenses); a new DIN socket (the original had been hacked); and pots of the correct value, replacing non-standard insertions. The Top Boost legend on the top of the preamp control panel reads OFF - MRB. In the power amp section, there is no side strut supporting the upright on which the power transistors are mounted - see the images below:

On the left, no. 1046; on the right, serial no. 1308. Note that there is no screw hole for a strut in 1046.

In terms of date codes, the red CCL filter capacitors have "K6", "L6" and "A7": respectively November and December 1966, and January 1967. One yellow Lemco capacitor, date code "XL" = November 1966. The Welwyn cement power resistors are also "XL" = Nov. '66. The RCA 2N3055 power transistors are both "6K" = also November 1966. For an overview of component date codes, .

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

Picture from ebay, 2006.

A full rig, short only of the cover for the head. Preamp chassis 1050. Power amp chassis 1149. The speakers have date codes in April 1967. Note that Vox rated the heavily doped silver T1088s as being capable of 17 watts. All effects in full working order. The side stands have rubber grommets, not castors. First pic from the ebay auction in 2005.

All yellow Lemco capacitors in the preamp have the date code "XL" = November 1966. One of the red CCL filter capacitors in the preamp is "L6" = also December 1966. Further shots of the preamp to follow. Click below for large exterior general views.

From this point, control panels can be brown

Serial number 1055 - currently in Spain?

Above, the amplifier section alone sold on ebay in Spain some time ago (2005). Below, Conqueror amplifier and speaker cabinet said to be ST1055 in a Vox calendar published for the German market in 2000. The amplifiers in the calendar were provided by Reisz Promotions, a hire company based in Hamburg. The company stopped trading around 2012.

The guitars illustrated in the catalogue came from the collection of Wolfgang Seidel ("Wolfie"). His collection is now dispersed.

Serial number 1059 - currently in Europe

Changed knobs (and perhaps therefore some changed pots) but otherwise in reasonable condition. The Top Boost switch has the wrong legend "OFF - MRB" in common with three amps registered above, no. 1046 and two lacking serial number plates. The amp retains the original shop sticker: "Power Music" in Leicester (later Humbucking Music).

Serial number 1065 - currently in the USA

A beautiful early Vox Conqueror rig - all there and in full working order. The Top Boost legend is OFF - ON. Thanks to Scott for additional pictures.

Serial number 1074 (?)- currently in Germany

The amnplifier section alone sold on ebay.de in early 2015. Replacement knobs from a solid state PA amp (numbered lips), handle, and front logo. The holes for the preamp fixings are visible on top of the box. But note "Solid State" in the logo. The amp seems to be the same as the one in the pictures below. Note the scratch on the preamp to the right of "DEPTH":

Above, the amplifier section now paired with a Conqueror speaker cabinet, its speakers now Rola Celestion G12 ceramics.

Serial number 1083 - currently in Germany

A nice set. The control knobs come from another Vox source, however, possibly a US-made solid state amplifier. The speaker cabinet looks to have had some acoustic dampening fixed in at some point.

Serial number 1093 - currently in Germany

In the course of restoration. The yellow Lemco capacitors in the preamp have date codes "XL" and "YB" = November 1966 and February 1967. Thanks to Matt for the pictures.

The restored amplifier section pictured with a Defiant speaker cabinet.

Serial number 1108 - currently in Australia

Thanks to Matt for the pictures.

Serial number 1112 - currently in Europe

A good original set. Note that the side stands have rubber ends rather than castors - not the only set to have been fitted out in this way.

Serial number 1113 - currently in Europe

Great condition. Note the black panel. Paired with a splendid Vox UL760 cabinet, complete with its original drivers.

Serial number 1118 - currently in Europe

Two pictures only. A complete rig, though the mounting hardware appears not to be present. The side stands have wheels. Control panel of the amp is brown.

Serial number 1119 - currently in the USA?

Offered for sale by a well-known outlet some time ago. Control panel is brown. Replaced pilot lamps and mains input. The speakers in the cab look to be 10" units, in which case the cab is probably from a UL710, not the Conqueror. The Beatles are great, but why does everyone want to replicate "their" setups?

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

Currently (November 2018) . Serial number not illustrated. Positioned here fairly arbitrarily. The side stands, which are probably from a later Defiant, have a pronounced splay.

Serial number 1132 - currently in Finland

To conform to Scandinavian regulations, the voltage selector has been removed and a new statement plate placed over the existing JMI one. The original Celestion T1088s are still in place.


Serial number 1137 - currently in he UK

Thanks to Alan for the pictures.

Serial number 1138 - currently in Europe

Excellent cosmetic condition. Brown control panel.

Serial number 1142 - currently in France

Serial number 114x (1146?) - currently in France

No side stands, but all mounting hardware in place.

Serial number 1153 - currently in Australia

Long in Australia and perhaps sold there. The DIN plug currently is a five-pin rather than six. Thanks to Matt for the pictures.

Serial number 1171(?) - currently in Europe

Still with its cab. The mains cable has been ingeniously fed through the Belling Lee mains socket.

Serial number 1185 - currently in Denmark

Still the silver logo and brown control panel. Thanks to Frank for the pictures.

Serial number unknown - currently in Finland

Mains selector removed in accordance with northern European regulations. Speaker cab has its original silver alnicos.

Serial number 1189 - currently in Portugal

A nice Conqueror in the process of being restored. At the moment missing its grille cloth, a couple of knobs and a green lens, but otherwise all there. One of the red CCL filter capacitors has the date code "K6" = November 1966. Some new capacitance added under chassis. Thanks to Eduardo for the pictures.

Update - looking good with new grille cloth.

Serial number 1190 - currently in the USA?

Replaced indicator lamps but otherwise in good condition. The logo looks to be gold rather than silver.

Serial number 1194 - currently in the USA

The preamp looks like a post-JMI unit (single indicator lamp). Note that the cab has "Solid State" on its logo. It may be that amp and cab are not original to one another.

Serial number 1197 - currently in the UK

Still the brownish control panel. The speakers - ceramic Goodmans - are from another source. Note the wrongly-aligned label of the right hand unit, which had to be turned so the terminals were in the right place.

Serial number 1199 - currently in the USA

A nice set in excellent condition. Thanks to Mark for the pictures.

Serial number 1238 - currently in the UK

Sold recently (Sept. 2016) in the UK

Unknown serial numbers

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK?

A full rig sold on ebay in 2005. Control panel is brown. The logo of the amp is gold. The logo of the cab has "Solid State" beneath "VOX". Side stands have castors.

Serial number unknown - currently in Germany

Preamp brown; white rings to the input jacks; preamp fixings on top of the box. The logo on the amp with "Solid State" probably a replacement. The speaker cab has replaced drivers.

Serial number unknown - currently in Italy

Control panel is brown. A nice little set. Mounting hardware survives. The cab is not as old as the amp, however - "Solid State" is in the logo, and the baffle screws are dabbed with yellow paint, a trait of Vox Sound Ltd.

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA?

Power amp chassis 01497. The amp was originally owned by the hire company Reisz Promotions. The company's collection was sold to Guitar Center in 2009. No back panel (and therefore serial number plate); but a relatively low power chassis number.

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

A beautiful little amp. Thanks to Steve for the pictures.

Serial number unknown

Preamp fixings on top of the box. Black control panel. White plastic rings around the metal jack plug sockets. "VOX" only logo. The cloth has been removed from the back panel and replaced on the front of the amp.