1967 - 1968

The picture above is from the Vox solid state catalogue of July 1967. The amp ilustrated is actually a pre-production model - note the position of the footswitch socket. For more on prototypes and pre-production amps, .

The Beatles are first seen in public with a Vox Conqueror during the live broadcast of "All You Need is Love", on 25th June 1967 (behind John in the pic. below).

The amp also figures in pictures from the rehearsals on preceding days. Quite when it was consigned to The Beatles by Vox, and whether it arrived alone, is impossible to say.

For the recording of the promo video for "Hello Goodbye" at the Savoy Theatre on 10th November 1967, the band had two (on top of Vox UL730 cabs with Celestion ceramic speakers).

One can tell from the length of the runner on the front of the amps that they are indeed Conquerors, not Defiants as is sometimes claimed.

A detail of John's amp. Note there is no "Solid State" in the logo - see below.

The general characteristics of later JMI (Jennings Musical Industries) Conquerors are:

  • Dimensions remain the same as earlier amps. Amp: 23 1/2" wide, 9 1/2" high, 9 1/2" deep. Cab: 30" wide, 19" high, 12" deep. Covers continued to be supplied.
  • Serial numbers of amps are given in the form ST..xxxx.
  • Back panels are still cloth covered and have angled corners.
  • Fixings on top of the box for the preamp remain for a while, but are later dropped.
  • Control panels are black.
  • Jack plugs are metal at first (with white surrounds), then black plastic.
  • Logos are silver initially, then gold. "Solid State" beneath "VOX" follows soon thereafter.
  • The schematic for the preamp remains OS/136, the power amp OS/133.

For early Conquerors, see this page.

Below, a register of surviving later JMI Conquerors. If anyone knows of others that have not yet been included, do let me know.

Serial number 1260 - currently in the UK

Amp fixing mounts, handwheels and footswitch present and correct. The cab also has its original Celestion T1088s. Condition of both amp and cab is good. The former has a plain silver logo V O X, the latter "Solid State".

Serial number 1289 - currently in Spain

Missing a few knobs and grille renewed, but otherwise in reasonable condition. The original Bulgin/Belling Lee mains cable survives.

Serial number 1295 - currently in the UK

Power amp section no. 1471. Great condition. Inspection stamp "5" visible on the chassis (one normally sees "2" or "6"). Thanks to Chris for the pictures.

Serial number 1304 - currently in the USA

Serial number 1306 - currently in the UK

Just the serial plate remains.

Serial number 1307 - currently in the UK

Serial number 1337 - currently in the UK

Serial number 1340 - currently in Iceland (owned by Arni Heiðar)

A new amp and cab set, the speaker cabinet with its original Celestion T1088 drivers. Thanks to Ingi for the pictures.

Serial number 134x - currently in the USA (?)

Serial 1355 - currently in the USA

Advertised for many years on Marcus Hardy's Toneheaven site - from 1999. The amp has a copper-coloured panel, and the cab side stands with grommets, an arrangement also found in the amp, serial number unknown, above. Mounting hardware survives. Thanks to Gene for details of the serial number.

Serial unknown - currently in Germany

Note the exaggerated hoods over the caster wheels.

Serial number unknown - currently in Europe

Probably not too far removed in date from the amp above. White surrounds to the jack sockets. Note that the original metal vents of the box have been replaced by plastic. The shape of the backboard though indicates that this is an old style box.

Serial number unknown - currently in Europe

Good condition - handle replaced, and top preamp screws missing (the holes are just visible in the pics), but otherwise unchanged externally. Note the presence now of black plastic input jacks.

Top preamp fixings now abandoned - jack sockets are black plastic rather than metal

Serial number 1356 or 1386 - currently in the UK

Paired with a later Vox Sound Equipment Ltd cab.

Serial number 1384 - currently in the UK

The cab, resplendent in paisley, probably actually belongs to another Conqueror - it went round on ebay in 2013 - see the images here.

Serial number 1388 - currently in the UK

Serial number 1390 - currently in Spain

Thanks to Jose for the picture.

Serial number 1393 - currently in France

Serial number 1422 - currently in the USA

Not too many Conquerors survive with original covers.

Serial number 1425 - currently in the USA

vox conqueror 1425
vox conqueror 1425
vox conqueror 1425
vox conqueror 1425
vox conqueror 1425
vox conqueror 1425
vox conqueror 1425

"Solid State" in the logo of the cab but not the amp.

Serial number 1426 - currently in the USA

Conqueror serial number 1426 and its speaker cabinet. The trolley, added later, comes from a US-made Vox Buckingham.

Serial number 1438 - currently in the USA?

Serial number 1439 - currently in the UK?

A new set of pictures from ebay, 2015.

The inspection tag is puzzling. The serial number - "19795" - does not correspond to anything on the amp (neither preamp chassis nor power amp). The date given - 8th July 1967 - could be right for the manufacture of this amp though.

Serial number 1440 - currently in Sweden

A nice clean set sold a little while ago in Sweden. The amplifier was imported / distributed by Muskantor & Co. in Goteburg.

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

Paired with an early cab, designated "ST30". On the amp, black plastic input jacks, no preamp fixings on top of the box, logo "VOX" still without "Solid State".

Serial number unknown - currently in Germany?

Sold on some time ago. Silver(?) logo; old style box; but black plastic input jacks.

Serial number unknown - currently in Europe

"Solid State" now always in the logo

Note that no. 1422 above has "Solid State"

Serial number 1451 - currently in Germany

Serial number 1459 (?) - currently in Europe

vox conqueror 1459

The logos of both amp and cab lack "Solid State"

Serial number 1479 - currently in Italy

  • vox conqueror 1479

Sold on ebay in late 2015. Only a single thumbnail for the time being.

Serial number 1490 - currently in Italy

Amplifier section and speaker cabinet recovered. A Midax horn has apparently been added in the latter. The original footswitch is still present. Probably part a batch exported to Italy, along with serial number 1479, above.

Serial number unknown - currently in France

Sold on Leboncoin a little while ago. "Solid State" in the logo; black plastic jack socket rings. A small ding in the grille cloth of the speaker cabinet upper left.

Serial number unknown - currently in Spain

Condition good. "Solid State" in the logo.

Serial number 1547 - currently in the USA

Power section 1792. A good full rig and side stands. Silver alnico T1088 speakers with small blue and silver Jennings labels. Originally sold by Musikhaus Hummel in Frankfurt, as the label states. Thanks to Mark for the pictures.


"AMPLIFIER" alone on the serial number plate

Serial number 1556 - currently in the USA

Still all Jennings. Note the Celestion T1225 drivers in the cab - probably added later, however, given the strange orientation of the terminals and wiring. Thanks to Mark for the pictures.


Serial number 1558 - currently in the USA

"AMPLIFIER" rather then "VOX AMPLIFIER" at the head of the serial number plate. Amplifier section and speaker cabinet in good external order. In the latter, the original T1088s. Thanks to Paul for the pictures.

Serial number 1562 - currently in the UK

A nice rig with original footswitch and Belling Lee mains cable. The speakers are now modern Celestion Greenbacks.

Serial number 1579 - currently in the UK

Conqueror serial number 1579 (JMI), complete with covers, footswitch and documentation. Bought new in Swansea on the 28th June 1968 for £184 16s (£184.80 in decimal). Thanks to Peter for the info and pictures.

Serial number 1581 - currently in the UK

Sold in the UK by GAK (Brighton), 2016.

Some of the amps below may have been supplied by Vox Sound Equipment Ltd - older Jennings stock sold by the new company.

Serial number and whereabouts unknown

Serial number unknown - currently in Switzerland?

Note that the cab is Vox Sound Equipment Ltd (and that its speakers have corresponding stickers).

Serial number unknown

A Vox Sound Equipment Ltd sticker on the remaining original speaker.

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