Vox Sound Equipment Limited, later 1968 - late 1969

The picture above is from the "Vox Sound Equipment Ltd" catalogue of early 1969. The annotator marks the price as £198.0.0 (still decimal currency) - £20 or so more expensive than in 1967.

Just under 400 Conquerors were issued in the "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL) period (late 1968-1970) - effectively from serial number 2000-2397. All were made at the Vox Works, West Street, Erith, as earlier amps had been.

For more on the history of "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", .

The many earlier Conquerors produced by Jennings Musical Industries (JMI), April 1967 to mid 1969, are registered on these pages: and .

Production runs in 1970 and 1971, that is to say in the "Vox Sound Limited" period, were patchy. VSL amps - serial numbers 2380 to the end of production - are .

Vox Sound Equipment Ltd

The general characteristics of Vox Sound Equipment Ltd Conquerors, late 1968 - early 1970:

  • Dimensions remain the same as earlier amps. Amp: 23 1/2" wide, 9 1/2" high, 9 1/2" deep. Cab: 30" wide, 19" high, 12" deep. Covers in the final days of VSL only supplied for the amp.
  • Back boards are now tolexed only (no cloth). Corners are square.
  • Serial number plates initially hand stamped.
  • New chassis and preamp sections were not machine stamped with serial numbers as JMI units had been.
  • The first style of plate (similar to the JMI plates) is replaced soon after Conqueror no. 2082 by one in a squarer font with, among other things, "HIGH VOLTAGE" in large letters.
  • Certain models destined for Denmark were designated simply with a letter and number:

    A1 = Supreme

    A2 = Super Foundation Bass

    B1 = Defiant

    B2 = Foundation Bass

    C1 = Conqueror

    C2 = Dynamic Bass

  • Following soon after the new serial number plates, came new boxes: three plastic vents take the place of the two metal ones.
  • Speakers in the VSEL period are normally Celestion alnico T1088s, as they were in JMI days. The new label is particularly handsome. Black capped Goodmans 241s sometimes occur, however.
  • The terminus post quem for the production of serial number 2181 is 13th May 1969, the date of the later of its two speakers.
  • The new circuit, without standby lamp or switch, comes in at around serial number 2260.
  • The schematic for the preamp is at first OS/136, the power amp OS/133. By 1970 the preamp has changed: OS/184.

Below, a register of surviving amps. If anyone knows of Conquerors that have not yet been included, do let me know.


- similar to JMI, but hand stamped

Serial number 2004 - whereabouts unknown

A hand-stamped serial number plate (in common with all early VSEL amps). A couple of knobs replaced, but otherwise in good condition. The cab has its brackeet fixings and the amp its footswitch.

Serial number 2029 - currently in Turkey

Note the hand-stamped number plate. Mounting hardware present on both amp and cab (an uncommon thing these days). The speakers are Goodmans, the type more commonly found in Defiant and Supreme cabs. Thanks to Cem for the pictures.

A number of early Conqueror cabs have lost their original drivers, so it's difficult to say how common such Goodmans might have been. The next earliest VSEL cab, accompanying Conqueror no. 2181 (below), has Celestion alnico T1088s, which were standard during the JMI period.

Serial number 2044 - currently in the UK

Evidently much used, the control panel having borne the brunt of some pretty serious wear. Serial number plate hand stamped. Thanks to Ani for the pictures.

Serial number 2046 - currently in the UK

An early VSEL Conqueror. Thanks to Steve for the pictures.

Serial number 2050 - currently in Germany

Complete with its cab, side stands and fixing brackets. The stands have hooded castors - typical of amps of this period.

Serial number 2070 - currently in Europe

Serial number 2082 - currently in the UK

A great little rig. Still the first-style serial number plate. The preamp control panel is from a JMI amp, replacing a badly damaged original. One speaker replaced with a Marshall. The remaining original is a Goodmans Power Range. Thanks to Steve for the pictures.


Serial number 2096 - currently in the USA

Thanks to Chris, pictures of "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" Conqueror serial number 2096, most likely first quarter of 1969. In the preamp a Mullard mustard capacitor is visible with date code "C8" = third quarter of 1968 for its manufacture. The footswitch is a NCM reproduction.

Serial number 2097 - currently in the USA

Serial number 2101 - currently in Germany

Original footswitch present.

Serial number 2111 - currently in the UK

Serial number 2161 - currently in Europe

A nice set, fixing mounts still present, along with original mains cable. Visible date codes on the CCL capacitors are "D9" = April 1969. The speakers in the cab are heavy-frame Goodmans (of the type regularly used in Vox Defiants).

Serial number 2168 - currently in Europe

Complete with original covers and footswitch.

Serial number unknown - currently in Europe

Similar to the amp immediately above - but clearly different (not the arrangement of diamonds on the grille cloth). Superb condition and a full set of covers.

Serial number 2171 - currently in Europe

Serial number 2181 - currently in Europe

A nice rig. The pictures are revealing, in that they show the date codes of the Celestion alnicos: EB12 and EB13 = 12th and 13th May 1969.

Serial number and whereabouts unknown

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK?

"Vox Sound Equipment Ltd" is just visible on the serial number plate of the cab.


Note the size of the "High Voltage" legend

Serial number blank - currently in Denmark

A nice VSEL Conqueror rig. Note the designation on serial number plate - "C1". Thanks to Frank for the pictures.

Serial number 2120 - whereabouts unknown

Photos a bit dark, but a nice amp. "Vox Sound Equipment Ltd." on the panel.

Serial number 2170 - currently in Europe

Back to the old style serial number plate.

Serial number 2203 - currently in Denmark

A nice amp and cab set. Note on the serial plate the designation "C1" stamped over "Conqueror", as in the case of the other amp from Denmark above. Thanks to Erik for the pictures.

Serial number 2247 - currently in Italy?

Serial number 2253 - currently in Germany


Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

Twin lamps on the front panel, "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" on top. In good working order. The back panel has an early note added: "PAN" "David Turner". The numbered sticker, which enabled box and back panel to be brought together again if they became separated in the factory, is still present. The footswitch is from a 1970s Vox AC120. Thanks to Graham for the pictures.

From summer 1969 - no standby circuit

A single indicator lamp on the front of the amp

At this point the MRB effect becomes six position rather than three. For an outline of the circuit, .

Serial number 2263 - currently in Germany

A nice set - amp, cab and original power lead. Thanks to Oliver for the pictures.

Serial number 2271 - currently in Denmark

Designated C1 - made for export by VSEL to Denmark. The agent was Alfred Chrisentsen, which also handled other VSEL solid state amps.

Serial number 2275

Just the serial number plate for the time being.

Serial number 2333

Just the serial number plate.

Serial number 2336

Sold in the UK in 2019. Note the inspection stamps in the preamp by the reverb transformer. The only discernible date code at present is that of a mustard cap - "D8N" = last quarter of 1968.

Serial number 2351

Serial number 2376

Still VSEL designated on the the control panel and serial number plate.

Serial number 2377 - currently in Denmark

Thanks to Erik for the pictures.

Serial number unknown - currently in Europe

Missing its back panel. No standby circuit. "Vox Sound Equipment Ltd" on the control panel. Plastic vents on the box.

Serial number unknown - currently in Europe

VSEL on the control panel. The cab has its original VSEL silver alnicos (and ident plate).

Stray cab - serial no. 006

Still with its speaker wiring diagram inside. The drivers are black capped Goodmans ceramics.

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