Conqueror Speaker Cabinets

1967 - 1972

An early Vox Conqueror set - 1967.

Cabinets are: 30" wide, 19" tall, 12" deep. The wooden boxes were made by three companies: Gla-Rev, based in Hainault, Essex; P.A. Glock of Crayford; and Heslop & Co. of Rayleigh, Essex. Heslop & Co. labels have so far only been found in amplifier sections, however. Vinyl covering, grille cloth, and fixtures and fittings were added at the Vox Works in Erith. A picture of a Conqueror cab being made ready for sale in June 1969 can be seen immediately below.

June 1969. This picture is NOT from 1967. Conqueror speaker cabinets. Adding the fittings. Note the jig for the drilling of holes for the handle fixings, and the pile of finished baffles (with grille cloth and white piping) in the background at left.

The chrome side stands generally had castors, but a few were supplied with rubber feet instead (see above). A page on the mounting hardware for the amplifier section and stands .

Vox did not manufacture speakers so used those made by other companies - Celestion silver alnicos initially (T1088s), then in 1969, Goodmans Power Range.

Above, the paper schema that was glued inside JMI Vox Conqueror speaker cabinets, its main legend reading: "CONQUEROR 30W TREBLE WIRING". Note that the drivers, in this case Celestion alnicos T1088s, are rated at 17W each - "12" - 8ohm - 17W".

Numbers of Conqueror speaker cabinets produced

In the JMI period, serial numbers were not assigned to speaker cabinets even though there was space for one on the ID plate (normally fixed to the cab's upper back panel). As with the other models in the solid state range, speaker cabinets were only sold with amplifier sections as a set, so the amplifier's number was notionally the speaker cabinet's too.

The first forty of so Conquerors amplifier sections were designated "ST30R" = "Super Twin 30 Reverb", "Super Twin" indicating that amplifier and speaker cabinet were separate. The latter were stamped (hand-stamped) "ST30".

The ID plate of a JMI Vox Conqueror speaker cabinet. The plates were fixed to the cab's upper back panel.

1967 to spring 1968 (JMI): 580-600 Conquerors sold. Speaker cabinets not available separately.

Under "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", Conqueror cabs could be bought without the amplifier section. Under "Vox Sound Limited" only a small number of Conquerors (and Dynamic Basses) were sold, the model being from the catalogue once existing stocks had been sold.

Detail from the "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" price list of February 1969. The intention to sell amplifier sections and speaker cabinets separately was announced at the "British Musical Instrument Industries" Trade Fair in late August 1969.

Late 1968 to late 1969 (VSEL): in total around 320-340. From number 001 to between 312 (highest known VSEL) and 345 (lowest known VSL).

Early 1970 to late 1970 (VSL): probably around 100. Only four numbers are known definitively at present: 345, 366, 372 and 374. Around 100 VSL Conqueror amplifier sections were sold - .

The very last speaker cabinets to be sent out with Conqueror amplifier sections may actually have been Defiant cabs, "Defiant" dymo-taped over with "CONQ". Presumably it was not worth having a small number of new Conqueror cabs made up.

A Defiant speaker cabinet with "CONQ" dymo-taped across "Defiant" in the panel reserved for the model ("TYPE").

JMI - 1967 to Spring 1968

Below, a typical cab. The drivers are Celestion T1088 silver alnicos, heavily doped, 8ohms, wired in series to give a total impedance of 15/16ohm. The T1088 is one of the best speakers for guitar ever made. For its history, see this page.

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Vox Sound Equipment Limited - Summer 1968 to late 1969

"Vox Sound Equipqment Limited", as one might expect, designed new labels for its speakers - still Celestion T1088s. Speaker cabinet serial number plates were hand-stamped with numbers, the sequence beginning at 001. The lowest number currently known is 006. Amplifier sections had a new sequence beginning at 2000.

It is clear from surviving examples that speaker cabinets were not matched up with amplifiers in numberical order - e.g. Conqueror amplifier section 2181 (below) has speaker cab number 143. Conqueror amplifier section section 2182 could easily have had a number that was dozens removed.

Serial number 2181 - currently in Europe

A nice rig. The pictures are revealing in that they show the date codes of the Celestion alnicos: EB12 and EB13 = 12th and 13th May 1969.

Vox Sound Limited - 1970

Effectively "Vox Sound Limited" sold relatively few Conquerors - stock taken over from "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" and some newly made. The model was then discontinued, along with the Dynamic Bass (the equivalent 30W amplifier in the solid state bass range.

Speaker cab serial numbers continued from where VSEL had left off. Below Conqueror serial number 2417 with "Vox Sound Limited" Conqueror speaker cabinet number 374.

Serial number 2417

The speakers, which have been rewired, look to be Fanes. At this date - 1970 - Goodmans Power Range P-12 drivers (with red labels and six spokes rather than four in the frame) would be normal.