1968 - 1970

Later Dynamic Bass amplifiers

Vox flyer from 1969 - this from "Modern Music" in Dudley, the shop stamp on the back. Note the measured output of the Dynamic Bass: 30W. An annotator has marked the price: £183.0.0, still pre-decimal = £2,760 approximately today.

"Vox Sound Equipment Limited" was the successor company to Jennings Musical Industries. Started by former Vox employees, and still based at the West Street Works in Erith (the factory shared by Vox and Burndept Electronics), it ran from mid 1968 - early 1970.

New branding was given to amps (and cabs) in the form of a re-labelled control panel, a newly-designed serial number plate, and handsome speaker stickers. At first, VSEL sold stock take over from (ie. made by) JMI.

Earlier Dynamic Basses can be found .

Two further visible changes that came in VSEL were the adoption of plastic (instead of metal vents) for the boxes, and the suppression of the standby circuit, resulting in a single indicator lamp on front of the amp instead of the conventional two. This last came in somewhere between serial numbers 2015 and 2183 - see the pics below.

Serial numbers of VSEL amps begin at 2000. Plates initially were hand-stamped. Amps produced by "Vox Sound Limited", the successor of VSEL, .

Production of the Dynamic Bass was wrapped up by Vox Sound Ltd, along with the Conqueror, in 1970.

The schematic for the preamp is at first OS/137, the power amp OS/133. By 1970 the sheet for the preamp had become OS/185.

Below, a growing register of surviving Dynamic Basses. If anyone knows of any others that have not yet been included, .

Serial number 2000 - currently in Australia

"Vox Sound Equipment Limited" on the control panel and on the serial number plate. Thanks to Russ for the pictures.

Serial number 2012 - currently in Germany

Thanks to Erik for the pictures. The amp is currently (Nov. 2019) on sale in Cologne.

Serial number 2024 - currently in the UK

Hand stamped serial number and voltage rating. The back panel is plain tolex, the change from diamond pattern cloth covering having taken place - see number 2000 above. Thanks to Peter for the pictures.

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

Serial number plate unfortunately gone. The box has metal vents, but note the legend "Vox Sound Equipment Ltd" on the control panel. String around box is still gold. Likely to be early VSEL amp.

Plastic rather than metal vents on top of the box

There is a transition

Serial number 2035 - currently in France

An old style serial number plate with hand-stamped number. The amp, certainly well used, is in excellent working order. Thanks to Benoit for the pictures.

Serial number 2049 - currently in the UK

  • Thanks to Marc for the pictures.

New style VSEL serial number plates

Serial number 2067 - currently in Europe

The cab has "Solid State" in its logo. No pics currently of the front of the amp. A replaced mains socket and voltage selector evident on the back panel.

Serial number 2094 - currently in France

"Solid State" in the logo of both amp and cab. Some replaced knobs, but otherwise a good set. Plastic vents on top of the box.

Serial number 2102 (or 2105?) - currently in the UK

Serial number 2103 - currently in France

Thanks to Alain for the pictures.

Serial number 2118 (or 2118) - currently in South Africa

Probably among the last of the "old" circuit Dynamic Bass amps to be produced. The new circuit, designed in time for the BMII Fair in August 1969, did away with the standby (resulting in only one indicator lamp on the fascia), and revised the tone circuit. Thanks to Eddy for the pictures.

From summer 1969 - no standby circuit

A single indicator lamp on the front of the amp

At this point the MRB changes from a three position to six position effect. For an outline of the circuit, see this page.

Serial number 2183 - currently in Europe

Serial number 2186 - currently in Europe

Serial number 2199 - currently in the UK

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

A nice complete set - amp, cab and chrome support. Not so many of these around. Possibly VSL (in which case this entry will be moved). The serial number is unknown at present. Pictured with a fine Rick.


1970 - 1971. Silver string, instead of gold, around the box

Relatively few "Vox Sound Limited" Dynamic Basses exist. Indeed, along with the Conqueror, it appears to have been officially phased out in the autumn of 1970 - see the and .

Nonetheless some Dynamic Basses were issued. Initially old stock made by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" was simply given new VSL serial number plates and new boxes with silver string. Thereafter it seems a certain number of preamps were made up with "Vox Sound Limited" legends on their control panels probably to make existing power amps saleable.

for the parallel situation of the Vox Conqueror, .

From 1971, "Vox Sound Limited" concentrated, with determination, on the larger amps and a growing catalogue of PA gear.

Serial number 2217 - currently in Germany?

Sold on ebay.de in 2007.

Serial number 2218 - currently in the USA

Serial number 2221 - currently in the UK

Made for export to Denmark. Designated "C2" on the Vox Sound Equipment Limited serial number plate. "C1" was for a time the VSEL Conqueror. The cab is a Foundation Bass, Vox Sound Ltd. String round the amp's case is gold.

Serial number 2223 (?) - currently in the UK

There seems to more than "D. Bass" on the serial number plate, but this is certainly a Dynamic - two vents on top of the case, and the arrangement of controls for a bass amp just visible on the control panel.

Speaker cab no. 212 - currently in the UK

Probably an early Vox Sound Ltd cab - the speaker has a VSEL label. Thanks to Pete for the pictures.