Vox at the British Musical Instrument Industries Trade Fair, 1966

22nd - 26th August

As in previous years, the Trade Fair took place at the Russell Hotel, Russell Square, London. The Vox showing in August 1964 is outlined , and 1965 .

The key thing for Vox in the 1966 show was the new solid state line: the "Beatle" (later renamed Supreme), Defiant, Conqueror, Supreme (later renamed the Virtuoso), and Traveller for guitar; and the Super Foundation Bass, Foundation Bass and Dynamic Bass for bass. The Conqueror, in an early stage of development, is pictured in the article from "Beat Instrumental" magazine, below. For more on the pre-production solid state amps, on the Vox Supreme website.

Early Vox Conqueror at the Russell Hotel show, August 1966

Early Vox Conqueror at the Russell Hotel show, 22nd - 26th August, 1966 - detail from the piece in "Beat Instrumental" magazine. Orders were taken for the "new range" of transistor amplifiers. These will not have been met though until Spring 1967.

The Guardian, 26th August, 1966

The Guardian, 26th August, 1966. Report from the last day of the fair. Note that orders were placed for the new solid state range - Conqueror, Defiant, Supreme, and so on. These amps did not appear on the market until Spring 1967, however.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, October 1966, review of the Russell Hotel Fair in August.

Crescendo magazine, September 1966

Crescendo magazine, September, 1966. Brief mention of Jennings in the penultimate paragraph.

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