List of updates / new info. on Vox solid state amps (1967-1972)

Updates for January and February 2017

25th February (4)

Stones in Poland, 1967

Above, The Rolling Stones in Warsaw, 13th April, 1967 with their early solid state gear. Note the Celestion ceramic T1279 speakers in the Supreme cabs - 15ohms, rated at 20-25W, general outward appearance exactly the same as the ceramic Celestion T1225s that went into Vox 7 series cabs.

The Stones in Milan, 8th April 1967. Some adjustments being made to Brian Jones's Supreme. One of the men in picture may be Alan Harding, chief engineer at Vox.

Harding accompanied the Stones on the first part of their 1967 European tour to monitor the Supremes and the ceramic Celestions in the speaker cabs.

25th February (3)

A stack of early Supremes. Serial numbers 1058, 1065, 1087, 1094 and one without a plate (though not stacked in that order).

25th February (2)

Defiant serial no. 1026, the third earliest to have come to light so far - currently in the Netherlands (I think). Termed "ST50R" on the plate - the format for all early solid state amps = "Super Twin 50 Reverb".

25th February (1)

The page on . Pics of four units added - two Gyrotone Is issued by JMI (ie. in the second third of 1967), and two Vox Sound Ltd Gyrotone IIIs, c. 1971. The updating of other pages is in progress.

24th February

A great set of amps, currently in Italy - Supreme with its tilt-back trolley, and Defiant and Conqueror with the distinctive hooded casters that were used for a short time in 1968.

23rd February (2)

Sad end of days, c. 1971-72 - cheap lino and fake wood cladding. Note in the middle pic. the two sets of portable "Focus" PA speakers, the Focus 100s standing surprising tall.

23rd February

Supreme 2510 and its Companion cab, and Conqueror no. 1238 - the Supreme and cab marked "N2", the Conqueror "N1", both presumably from the same source. The Supreme and Companion cab were said to have come from a London studio - sold in London, 2012.

22nd February

A new page begun on . These were designed in-house at the West Street works in 1968.

19th February

A detail of one of the Vox Conquerors - note the runner on the front of the amp - used in the promo video for The Beatles' "Hello Goodbye", shot in the Savoy Theatre, London. Picture from Alamy.

Above, Vox Conqueror (ST30R) no. 1053. Note the wrong printing on the control panel: the legend OFF - MRB for the Top Boost switch, instead of ON - OFF. For further examples, - serial no. 1046 and an early amp now in Australia.

Super Foundation Bass no. 2513. In great condition. This amp is currently for sale in the UK. Contact me for the owner's contact details.

29th January (4)

The Animals at the International Love In, Alexandra Palace, London, 29 July 1967. Only a back view of the amp at present.

29th January (3)

The Hollies at the beginning of their cabaret period. Two Supremes with Vox UL760 cabs back of set. When the Vox 760 amps failed to sell, the company was left with a good number of cabs. These were subsequently sold with AC50s, Supremes, and so on.

29th January (2)

Hawkwind at the Windsor Festival, 1973. Del Detmar with his gear, a Vox Foundation Bass cab in view at left.

Julie Driscoll and Brian Augur on stage c. 1970, a Vox Supreme at right.

29th January (1)

On to a better decade - the 1970s:

Above, Del Detmar of Hawkwind in the early to mid seventies with his modular synth, WEM echo, and frequency generators. Perhaps three Conquerors and one or more cabinets, or two and a bass amp.

A televised concert, 1973. Centre left, one guitar amp on top of a bass amp.

A gig at Basingstoke, 1975. Click for a larger image. Far right, just visible in the gloom, probably the same two amps as above.

Above, "Wooden Lion" at an outdoor festival, Basingstoke, 1975. A Supreme and Super Foundation Bass?

22nd January

Super Foundation Bass . This amp is currently the latest known to have a VSEL plate.

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