Vox Sound Limited Catalogue, page 24, Vox Line Source column speakers

Page from the Vox Sound Limited (VSL) catalogue of August 1970 showing the "Focus Linesource". They cost £65. For catalogue and pricelist, see this page.

The blurb reads: "These speakers have 50W output, each section containing four 10" eliptical speakers making a total of eight. These two units fold and clip together for easy transport. The speakers are specially made for first class PA reproduction. The sound can be beamed to a focal point or the cabinets unhinged to give a widespread sound.

  • Vox Focus Line Source column speakers
  • Vox Focus Line Source column speakers

Above two pairs of Focus speakers latched for carrying.

The line was designed in-house at the West Street Works in 1969 and made ready for launch at the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair in August 1969.

As the catalogue shows there was only one set at first - simply "Focus Linesource" - capable of handling 50 watts. By late 1970 an accompanying pair had been developed - the "Focus 100", capable of handling 100 watts, as the name indicates, but produced in smaller numbers.

The old Linesource 40 and 100 units (LS40 and LS100), which had been developed in late 1963, were deleted from the catalogue - they last appear in 1969. However, it is likely that units continued to be sold, along with LS60s, which are also nowhere to be found in the catalogues. For a set produced by "Vox Sound Limited", .

The new Focus sets were primarily designed to be used with the Vox solid state public address amplifiers - the SS PA50, SS PA100, and Midas. For those, .


As the speakers below, "Vox Sound Limited" on the serial number plates, but speakers with "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" labels.

"FOCUS 100"

The Focus 100 Linesource speakers first make their appearance in mid 1971, presumably having been developed for the Associated Musical Instrument Industries show in August.

For more on the Focus 100s, . Below, a couple of pictures simply to give an idea of their overall form.