"FOCUS 100"

Designed by "Vox Sound Limited" in 1971, these were the bigger brothers of the standard "Focus" speakers (40-50 watts), which had been created by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" in mid 1969 - as ever, in time for the August equipment show in London. Standard "Focus" units can be seen .

Portability was a key concern. Pairs of columns could be latched together with their clips and carried as a single unit by the handles provided.

The intended partners of the Focus 100s were doubtless the 100 watt solid state public address amps - . But the 100 watt will have been suitable too.

The Focus 100 Linesource speakers first make their appearance in a notice published in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, July 1971, presumably having been developed for the Associated Musical Instrument Industries show in August (the A.M.I.I. being the successor organisation to the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair).

Section from the Beat Instrumental notice. The Focus 100s cost £120.00 in July 1971, no small amount.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, January 1972.