List of updates / new info. on Vox solid state amps (1967-1972)

Updates for early March 2017

17th March

Above, a snippet from "Beat Instrumental", vol. 47, March 1967, p.25, posted at the foot of this page a little while ago. Clearly the moment that Keith and Brian acquired their Vox Supremes and Bill his Super Foundation Bass. It may be that the invitation / trip was indeed primarily "to try out some new electronic effects". They came away at any rate with new amps to use on the European tour of Spring 1967.

"Beat Instrumental", vol. 48, April 1967, p.24. Within a month of the Stones' tour ending, the amps were evidently on sale to the general public. Note that 120W is still quoted, the output cited in the JMI advert for the un-named Supreme from Jan. 1967, featuring Tony Hicks - posted on this page. The price given in the snippet above - £252 - is that of the AC100, however. Below the official list of April 1967.

The official price list of April 1967.

Just to note: the wah had actually been developed - by the Thomas Organ Co. (the distributors of Vox in the US) - long before JMI came to advertise it. The account is given in "Vox Story", Dick Denney and Dave Peterson, 1993.

Above, the official list of April '67, giving the price of the Vox wah as £16 and 10 shillings, in today's money around £280!

The first JMI advert for the Wah Wah, from "Beat Instrumental", vol. 49, May 1967. Nothing about the solid state amps in the issue though.

16th March

A new page started on tilt-back trolley Supremes, gathering some of the details and info from this page.

15th March

Above, shots of the sort of fixing once fitted to the cab that accompanied Supreme no. 1094, pictured below, 13th March (3).

The flat of the bar is fixed to the inside of the cab with four screws in trapezoid formation, and the pivot screw, attached to the bar with a hexagonal nut, protrudes through the hole in the cab's side. It is not clear how the two pivot fixings pictured above came to be united with the T60 and repro trolley.

14th March (3)

The new page on the early Conqueror pictured below will be populated soon.

14th March (2)

Two more pictures from Warsaw, 13th April, 1967 - last for the time being:

Keith backstage, sitting on his Supreme cab, which is on its side. He is at the top - the amp is near what should be the bottom. Note the chalk-mark of the person who signed the cab off. The second pic. shows that his cab had the same ceramic Celestions as Brian's - see yesterday's entry.

14th March

Just to highlight the friction caused against the sides of the cab by the upper section of the tilt-back frame: - Supreme serial number 2312, for a long time in northern Germany, now in the USA. The cab in yesterday's entry was luckier, however.

A late tilt-back stand - still three pieces that slot together (not one piece as I originally thought, one can see where the two upper sections join). The casters are evidently replacements. A couple of amps survive with their original late stands. See Supreme no. 2376 on this page. The other has yet to be posted.

13th March (3)

Above, three quick details of the JMI tilt-back cab that came with Supreme no. 1094. Note the hole for the pivot screw relatively high up on the side of the cab. Pivots for full trolleys were positioned equi-distant from top and bottom. Another JMI tilt-back cab is pictured below - entry for 8th March.

Inside the cab, the outline of the plates on either side that held the pivot screws in place. The fixing screws for the plates remain though the plates themselves have gone.

When the pic of a couple of original plates comes to hand, I will post it here.

The cab pictured above is immensely heavy - thanks in no small part to the cast iron frames of the Goodmans drivers. A pretty top-heavy entity with the Supreme amp on top.

13th March (2)

Click, as ever, for a larger image. Mick Jagger on stage with Brian Jones's Supreme, 13th April, 1967. At last an almost complete view of the back. The cabs and amps were presumably issued to the band in mid March 1967, ie. before the tour began. Remember that pre-production amps were still being signed off in January. See this page.

Note the strange orientation of the labels on the speakers in the lower compartment. The cab pictured below - entry for 25th Feb. (4) - presents the normal arrangement.

13th March (1)

Probably well to put this up here:

The pic. (most likely from an issue of "The Beatles Book") shows the two metal vents on the top of one of the Conquerors present on stage during the recording of the promo video of The Beatles' "Hello Goodbye". A closeup of John's amp showing the "Conqueror" runner on front is below, 19th Feb. Frank Carvalho knew these amps were Conquerors yonks ago - see his site. There is brief comment on this page, and at the foot of this too. It seems well worth repeating these facts. Quite where the idea that these amps were Defiants came from heaven only knows - perhaps just a wrong guess that got picked up and repeated.

12th March

Really in reference to yesterday's entry, two shots of the early Conqueror with covers:

Below, a publicity shot of the "Spacemen 3" with a Selmer Compact 30 and what is said to be a Supreme, though one never sees the identifying runner in shots from this photo session:

The Spacemen 3 with Vox Supreme

11th March

All the pages on Conquerors have now been updated and should work well on mobile devices. There are some new amps yet to add - those will be posted later this weekend.

One thing that has emerged from looking again at the spread of known amps is the rareness, in terms of survivals, of original covers for Conquerors. Only one. An early amp and cab set has its cab cover. A new old stock amp cover - perhaps from early VSL days - turned up on ebay a few years ago and now joins it. But that, so far, is it. Defiant and Supreme amp covers (which are interchangeable, being the same size) survive in much greater numbers. Defiant and Supreme cab covers, certainly more numerous than those for Conquerors, are still scarce though.

Unlike covers for US solid state cabs, JMI cab covers always fit over the chrome side stands or trolleys.

9th March

The page on later JMI Conquerors now updated. Further info and pictures to come.

8th March

Pics of Supreme no. 1285 added on this page - thanks to Hans. The upper sections of the original tilt-back trolley survive. The lower section, which would have been exactly the same as the lower section of a full trolley, is gone.

The advert is later - from 1969 - but gives a good rendering of how the tilt back trolley was supposed to work. The amp was secured to the cab by chrome fixings - more on those later.

7th March

The page on Supreme cabs updated, and a page with a schema of the wiring added.

6th March

A glimpse of Keith Richards' Supreme on stage at Warsaw, 13th April, 1967, shortly before curtain up.

5th March

Pictures of a VSEL Supreme built in early 1969 now posted here. Thanks to Aart.

The preamp is stamped "JMI", but the amp has VSEL on the control panel.

The pages on Supremes have now been updated.

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