Index to Vox Sound Limited (VSL) equipment

early 1970 to late 1972

Beat Instrumental magazine, 1971

For the time being, this is mainly an index to the pages on amplifiers and speaker cabinets issued by "Vox Sound Limited". Organs, guitars and so on will follow.

Most of the range was designed by the companies from which VSL sprang: "Jennings Musical Industries" (JMI) and "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL). Sometimes, however, both had had a hand in creating the equipment that VSL came to produce. The guitar and bass amplifers - Conqueror, Defiant, Supreme; Dynamic, Foundation and Super Foundation Basses - were designed by JMI initially, but redesigned in 1969 by VSEL. It was the latter design of course that VSL sold.

More or less the full "Vox Sound Limited" range as it stood in late 1970 . But further items followed in 1971 and 1972.

Those new things can be listed relatively succinctly: the Vox V100 amplifier (all valve, 100w); three new guitars; the Vox Focus 100 watt linesource speakers; a disco unit (twin turntable); the "Checkmate" battery-powered guitar tuner; and a type of extended frequency speaker - the "Disc Jockey" and "Organ".

Not too bad an achievement at a time when valve amplifiers were king.

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