Vox Sound Ltd - mid 1970-1972

Advert from Melody Maker, December 1970.

In late 1969, Vox Sound Equipment Ltd became Vox Sound Ltd and soon filed for bankruptcy, being saved by Corinthian Securities, which sold the business on to Birch-Stolec in 1970. The first Vox Sound Ltd Super Foundation Bass amps were made at the West Street factory in Erith (late 1969 to early 1971).

In 1971 operations moved to the Birch-Stolec factory on the Ponswood Industrical Estate at St Leonard's-on-Sea (a mile or so from Hastings).

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Vignettes of the factory from the Vox catalogue of 1971. For others, .

TRANSFORMERS: in mid 1970, "Twickenham Transformers", which had, under George Stow's direction, supplied "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" - "Twickenham" was from 1967 a member of the "Stolec" Group controlled by Stow - became "Lemark Electronics". Production continued at the Haywards Heath factory. Occasionally the correspondence address is given as the Ponswood Industrial Estate (Windmill Road, St Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex, TN38 9BY), the address of the "Birch-Stolec" group, which had taken over the production of Vox equipment in mid 1971.

Much as VSEL inherited older JMI stock, VSL inherited a certain amount of Vox Sound Equipment Ltd stock. Early amps often have VSEL on their control panels, but VSL serial number plates.

Vox Sound Ltd struggled bravely with the business of selling the solid state amps, but the market became increasingly tough. Super Foundation Basses remained in production until 1972.

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The clearest external indication of a Vox Sound Ltd amp, should its number plate and control panel not be visible, is the silver string around its box.

Serial number 2355 - currently in Sweden

Serial number 2370 - currently in the UK

Serial number 2378 - currently in the UK

Serial number 2380 - currently in Germany

  • vox super foundation bass 2380
  • vox super foundation bass 2380
  • vox super foundation bass 2380
  • vox super foundation bass 2380
  • vox super foundation bass 2380
  • vox super foundation bass 2380

Serial number 2393 - whereabouts unknown

Serial number 2448 - currently in France

Serial number 2449 - currently in Europe

Serial number 2500 - whereabouts unknown


Serial number 2514 - whereabouts unknown

Some of the original coloured inserts remain on the control knobs.

Serial number 2535 - currently in Italy

A nice late SFB amp with a JMI 1x18" cab and stand. The cab and stand probably belong with serial number 1229 on the previous page.

"Vox Sound Limited" now on the control panel of the amp

Serial number 2559 - currently in Germany

A great SFB, the cab complete with its wheels and chrome amp support. Note that the speakers have "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" labels. The cab's logo is of the horizonatal type normally used on amplifiers - its designation "STF Bass" = "Super Twin Foundation Bass".

Serial number 2588 - whereabouts unknown

A nice rig with original chrome stand.

Serial number 2591 - currently in the USA

The speaker cab is a good deal earlier - JMI, therefore late 1967 or early 1968 ("Solid State" in the logo).

Serial number 2596 - currently in the UK

Super Foundation Bass no. 2596 power section with a JMI Supreme preamp

Serial number unknown

Well used but intact. The original footwitch is still present. The knobs are from a solid state PA unit.

Serial number 2614 - currently in Sweden

Purchased in Sweden (where it still is). Nice condition all round. Thanks to Christophe for the pictures.

Serial number 2618 - currently in the UK

Serial number 2631 - currently in Europe

Belling Lee power socket removed, no other visible changes.

Serial number 2631

Serial number 2642 - currently in Scandinavia

Serial number 2680 - currently in the UK

Referenced on this page.


Currently in Sweden

Whereabouts unknown

Serial numbers unknown - currently in Denmark

One with wheels in the speaker cabinet base, one without. The speaker cloth of the cabinet on the right has been replaced.

Serial number unknown - currently in Denmark

A nice late (very late) "Vox Sound Limited" Super Foundation Bass set currently in Denmark. Note the horizontal logo on the cab - a standard amplifier logo. These were also used on certain late Defiant cabs.