Vox adverts for the solid state line from the pages of
"Beat Instrumental" magazine

late 1970 - 1972

Below, a page (in building) of the larger adverts placed by Vox in Beat Instrumental (the only magazine in which the company regularly advertised) in 1971 and 1972. Full pages become increasingly rare.

For ads for the solid state range placed in late 1969, see this page.

In 1970 Vox, previously "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL), was reconstituted as "Vox Sound Limited". The first public signalling of the new company came in July 1970 - .

The new office and showroom was at 9 Gees Court - a small but smart alley off Oxford Street. The new factory - the Birch-Stolec factory - was on the Ponswood Industrial Estate at St Leonards-on-Sea (Hastings).

Beat Instrumental, no. 95, March 1971. Advert on the inner back page of the magazine - mostly effects, but the Conqueror/Defiant/Supreme footpedal rather incongruously included. Still at Erith.

Beat Instrumental, no. 96, April 1971, and repeated in the next issue, May '71 - half-page advert for the Vox Continental 300 organ.

Beat Instrumental, no. 100, August 1971 - full page. The disco scene. 9 Gees Court is the address of the new office.

Beat Instrumental, no. 103, November 1971. New guitars. The addresses of the office and the new factory premises - the Birch-Stolec factory - are given.