Vox Sound Equipment Ltd and Vox Sound Ltd., 1969-1972

Vox Sound Equipment Limited brochure, early 1969, Vox Multi Link speaker cabinets

Click for a larger image. Page from the Vox Sound Equipment Limited brochure of mid 1969, advertising the Multi-Link 1 and 2. Model 1 costs £113. Model 2 is £137.

Below, sets of photos of the Multi-Link II speaker cabinet (2x12" and 2x15") taken for JMI in late May 1969. The design was registered with the Patent Office in London. At this early point in development, the impedance matching transformer was not adjustable. The signal into the cab passed both to the speakers and to the transformer, feeding out from the transformer to the second jack socket (and out from there into a second cabinet plugged into that).

Later the built-in impedance matchers had adjustable settings. Some cabinets were produced with semi-closed backs. See .

The 15" drivers in this cab are Goodmans Audiom 81s. Note the non-adjustable impedance matching transformer.

The units were shown in public for the first time at the "British Musical Instrument Industries" Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel, London, 17th-21st August, 1969. Production was probably already underway however.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 16th August, 1969. Paragraphs from the review of the Vox showing at the "British Musical Instrument Industries" Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel, London, 17th-21st August, 1969. For more on the show, .

The Multi I cabinet was was a simple 4 x 12" and had an impedance matching transformer built in (see below). As mentioned above, some units had closed backs, others open. The Multi II had 2 x 12" and 2 x 15", and as the catalogue notes was "best for low frequency work". Multi IIs were always closed back.

To aid stacking, Vox Sound Limited came up with the idea of providing little wells on the top surfaces for the feet of a surmounting unit to sit in. This idea was applied to Foundation Bass cabs in 1972, which were supplied without a chrome support for the amp. "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" cabs had flat tops, however.

Vox Sound Limited catalogue, August 1970, Vox Multi Link speaker cabinets

Page from the Vox Sound Limited catalogue of August 1970 advertising the Multi-Link I and II. The full catalogue . The cabs were also illustrated in the Vox Sound Equipment Limited brochure of early 1969.

In some respects, the multi links were Vox's response to the Marshall stacks that were becoming a regular sight on stages around the world. Both Multi I and Multi II were exceptionally well constructed, but could be immensely heavy, especially those supplied with closed backs. Vox thoughtfully provided wheels recessed in the base so the units could simply be tipped back and pushed on flat surfaces.

For the impedance transformer built into the cabs, and notes on the numbers of cabs that could realistically be linked, .

Multi-Link I - 4x12

An early "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" Multi I, complete with its speaker matching unit at back. These were often removed. Thanks to Cedric for the pictures.

Sold on ebay.uk some time ago. Devoid of speakers and matching unit. A good shot of the wheels recessed in the base, however.

A nice Multi-Link cabinet issued by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", c. 1969, with heavy-duty Goodmans drivers - 241s, 25-30W handling per driver, as used in Vox Supreme speaker cabinets.

Two cabs - old pictures. Note the VSEL Celestion Greenbacks in the first.

A nice cab - possibly early - with Celestions sprayed silver. Size of magnet indicates these are G12M (medium) rather than G12H (heavy). The stickers say JMI.

Probably the same cab as above.

Impedance matching unit. The permutations of cabinet and impedance setting were listed on a plaque on the back of the multi link cabs (as in the pictures above).

Multi-Link II - 2x12 + 2x15"

A "Vox Sound Equipment Ltd" plate on the back - model designation ML 1C - serial number 002. Structurally much the same as the cab below. There are no wells on top for the feet of another cab, and no side handle recesses.

A "Vox Sound Limited" Multi-Link II cabinet probably from early 1971. The 12" drivers are Celestion T1217, date code "JC11" = 11th September 1970. The 15" drivers are Goodmans Audiom 15-P (Power Range). A note on the slightly non-sensical impedance settings supplied by VSL can be found towards the end .

Reasonable condition. These are good solid cabs. Note that all the plastic parts - handles, corner protectors and foot wells - have "VOX" on them. The back panel screws look like modern replacements for the chrome originals - probably scavenged for another cab. There is a matching fourth Fane (a second 15" unit still in working order), but the Fanes are probably not the originals. One would expect to find Celestions with Vox labels. The Celestion currently in place was put in simply for testing purposes. The impedance matching unit is long gone.