Vox Sound Limited catalogue (1)

August 1970

For the background to "Vox Sound Limited" (VSL), created in early 1970 from the remains of the ailing "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", .

The catalogue of August 1970 indicates that a substantial paring down of the equipment previously offered by the company had taken place - Only things that were deemed marketable were presented. Gone are the Conqueror, Dynamic Bass and AC50, along with many many guitars and ancillary items. The pricelist is posted here.

A big push was made on the stackable multi-link cabinets as part of group set-ups. Surviving examples of the cabs are illustrated .

The guitar and bass amps - Defiant, Supreme, Foundation and Super Foundation Bass - could still be acquired separately (a change introduced in 1968), so one was not obliged to buy an accompanying cabinet, though they were of course still available. The standard cabinet for the Supreme in 1970 - illustrated on page 15 of this catalogue - was a floor-standing unit - later called "The Companion" - with handles let into the sides. The swivel trolley and cab were now special order.

Examples of amps, cabs and PA units issued by Vox Sound Limited, 1970-1973, are pictured in relevant sections on this website. The easiest way to navigate, is via the home page.

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Page 4: note the PA100 with a metal vent on top.

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