Index to Vox Sound Equipment Limited (VSEL) equipment

mid 1968 to early 1970

Beat Instrumental magazine, 1969

This is mainly an index to the pages on amplifiers and speaker cabinets issued by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited". Organs, guitars and so on will follow.

A good part of the range was designed by "Jennings Musical Industries" (JMI) in 1967-1968, but "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL) was not slow in adding to it.

New were the Multi-link speakers; the 50w and 100w PA amplifiers (the PA50SS and PA100SS); Focus linesource speakers; the Vox Midas Gyrotone amplifier; and in late 1969, a redesign of the tone stack of the guitar and bass amplifiers - Conqueror, Foundation, etc.

Serial numbers of amplifiers begin at 2000. But it is clear that in mid 1968 VSEL took over numbers of units made towards the end of JMI's run - much as "Vox Sound Limited" took over existing stock from VSEL in mid 1970.

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