Vox Sound Equipment Limited brochure

February 1969

"The Guv'nors" brochure, produced by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL). The copy pictured lower down this page - scroll down - was originally issued by "Modern Music" in Dudley, an important outlet in the 1960s and 1970s.

On "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", the company that emerged when "Jennings Musical Industries" (JMI) went into formal liquidation, .

In this copy, prices are marked beside the various items, perhaps by the shop, possibly by the person who took the brochure away.

Conqueror: £198.0.0. Defiant: £235.0.0. Supreme: £292.0.0. Dynamic Bass: 183.0.0. Foundation Bass: £199.0.0. Super Foundation Bass: £235.0.0. AC30: £128.0.0. Multi Link I speaker cabinet: £113.0.0. Multi Link II speaker cabinet: £137.0.0.

Introductory text of the brochure


"It's the Guv'nors. The seven-strong, sound-magnifying mob that turn sounds into moods. And bass lines into solid space. What's new? In a word TRANSISTORISATION. The component cramming that gives you instant warm-up with less weight to carry. That's built to take the hard knocks of the pop business. Plus built-in sound effects. Instant REVERB, TREMELO and FUZZ, TREBLE, BASS and MID-RANGE BOOSTS. Built into amps. The unique VOX way. Two Channel, Four Input, Treble and Bass amps with footswitch sound selectors. Changing the mood as you play.

VOX CONQUEROR, DEFIANT, and SUPREME, give you the choice of two channels, Normal and Brilliant. Sound effects from Super-Harsh TREBLE to growling, bending and flip-out distortion. At the tap of a switch. Sounds incredible.......

Switch into BASS tracks with the DYNAMIC, FOUNDATION, and SUPER FOUNDATION, and VOX gives you the best in the business. Choose your channel, NORMAL or BASS and summon up Mid-range boost, Screaming distortions, and Exclusive Bass Tone-X through your amp, with the toe of your hand-made boot.....

That's part of the freedom VOX brings to amps. The Guv'nors...."

The texts of the individual blurbs are given in full at the foot of this page.

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Blurbs (in order)

Treble amps

DEFIANT. The 50W RMS (British Rating) 100W Peak Power Defiant has a full tonal range from brilliant treble to depth-plumbing bass. Two channels with four inputs feed two 12" VOX heavy-duty speakers, and one high frequency ex-potential metal horn, via cross over network. Complete with chrome stand and castors, and 3-way footswitch for remote controlled special effects. Waterproof plasti-leather covers for each section. DIMENSIONS: Amp Section - 23 3/4" x 9 1/2" x 11". Speaker Section - 32" x 21" x 12".

CONQUEROR. A 30W RMS (British Rating) 60W Peak Power Amplifier with the same unique built-in sound effects as the larger amps. But at a medium price. Featuring two heavy-duty 12" VOX loud-speakers to pound out the signals feeding two channels via four inputs. Complete with three-way foot switch, and chrome stand with castors for easy movement. Separate waterproof plasti-leather covers for each section. DIMENSIONS: Amp Section - 23 3/4" x 9 1/2" x 9 1/2". Speaker Section - 30" x 19" x 12".

SUPREME. Maximum tone variation is the best description of the 100W RMS (British Rating) Peak Power Supreme. With four 12" VOX heavy-duty speakers plus 2 high frequency ex-potential metal horns with cross over networks. This twin-channel, four input thundercracker works up a real storm. With the new special effects it's devastating. Complete with chrome pivot stand, castors and 3-way footswitch. Separate VOX waterproof plasti-leather covers for each section. DIMENSIONS. Amp Section - 23 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 11". Speaker Section - 27 1/4" x 40" x 11 1/4".

Bass amps

DYNAMIC BASS. The 30W RMS (British Rating), 60W Peak Power bass-backer with a bass tone from the VOX 15" heavy duty speakers as rich and deep as a newly tapped oil well. And wait 'til you hear the full effects routine with bass tone X. Twin-channel, four input amp with ROLLAWAY STAND and THREE-WAY SWITCH. Separate VOX waterproof plasti-leather covers for each section. DIMENSIONS: Amp Section - 23 3/4" x 9 1/2" x 9 1/2". Speaker Section - 24" x 25" x 15".

FOUNDATION BASS. Like its says - this is the foundation for a group sound. Basically similar to the SUPER FOUNDATION, an 18" heavy duty bass speaker and 50W RMS (British Rating) 100W Peak Power to play with. Two channels, four inputs, and some of the biggest built-in tonal variations in the book give it the characteristic big sound of the professional groups. Thinks: Thanks to Tone X. With roll-away stand and 3-way footwitch, and separate VOX waterproof plasti-leather covers for each section. DIMENSIONS. Amp Section - 23 2/4" x 9 1/2" x 11". Speaker Section - 24" x 27" x 17".

SUPER FOUNDATION BASS. The 'Big Daddy' Bass, unexcelled for full round tone, uses 10W RMS (British Rating) 200W Peak Power to bring out the bass tones that have made it a world beater with exclusive TONE X. Twin-channel, four input amp combines with an 18" loudspeaker of 100W RMS (British Rating) capacity to produce the sound of sounds. Special speaker cabinet gives extra big-bass sound. With roll-on stand 3-way foot switch and waterproof plasti-leather covers for each section. DIMENSIONS. Amp Section - 23 3/4" x 9 1/2" x 11". Speaker Section - 24" x 44" x 17".

Valve Amp

AC30 TWIN (Treble and Bass boost model). With six inputs, and two heavy duty VOX 12" loudspeakers, the AC30 provides 30W RMS (British rating) 60W Peak Power of undistorted output from its rugged casing. A twin-channel valve amplifier, and one of the most popular ever produced, the performance of the AC30 has backed almost ever top group in years gone by - and is still going strong. Side mounted chrome stand enables amp to be pivoted for UP and OUT direction of sounds. Complete with waterproof plasti-leather cover. DIMENSIONS. Combined Speaker Cabinet and 'Built-in' Amplifier: 27" x 21" x 10".

Vox multi-link speaker cabinets

You can line a single amplifier output with as many a four multi-link speaker cabinets. All basic models have built-in transformers to allow simultaneous linkage without loss of volume. Your audience will be immersed in a new dimension of sound. It's a big build-up. And a fantastic VOX accomplishment. Specially designed for tone effect. Cabinets are available, with open or closed backs, varying tonal depth.

Model 1 Cabinet. Combining four 12" L.d. speakers, each rated 25W RMS (British Rating) 50w Peak Power, a total of 100w (British Rating) 200w Peak Power. Can be used with the full range of group instruments but is designed to feature from lead/PA and rhythm. Favours higher frequency use.

Model 2 Cabinet. Combining 2 x 12" & 2 x 15" L.d. speakers, totalling 100w RMS (British Rating) 200w Peak Power. Variable use but ideal for bass/organ/rhythm. Best for lower frequency work.

Multi-link transformers.This unique VOX invention allows you to convert your existing VOX speaker cabinets to achieve the sound of sounds. The transformer ensures a perfect impedance matching of two or more linked cabinets. No more loss in volume when you run two, three or four units from the same amp output. The opportunity for a new era of sound has at last arrived - thanks to VOX.