Vox Slave Driver - serial number 1001

"Vox Sound Limited", mid 1971

Below, pictures of Vox "Slave Driver" serial number 1001, the first sold. These amps were designed, along with the "Slave Master" and "Compact 100", in 1971 and shown for the first time at the Associated Musical Instrument Industries (AMII) Trade Fair in London, late August 1971 - see the short review mentioning the "Slave Master" .

Pictures of a number of surviving examples .

GENERAL CHARACTER: 50 watt output into two ceramic Fane drivers; two channels, one for BASS, the other NORMAL (for guitar and music). The bass side has Volume, Bass and Treble controls; the Normal has Volume, Bass, Presence and Treble. Each channel had two inputs, high and low gain. The thinking behind the line was that units could be daisy-chained and stacked on top of other cabinets.

Serial number 1001 is called a "SS 50 COMPACT". Serial number 1002 (on the page linked above) is a "COMPACT 50 T".

No note of the price of the "Slave Driver" has so far come to light (nor is there an entry for them in the VSL catalogues) - but they were certainly advertised and sold in (perhaps small) numbers. The "Slave Master" was priced at £185 in August 1971.

Thanks to Pete for the pictures below, and for the schematic .

Original Fane drivers, no VSL labels.

Chassis on its slider board.

Chassis from underneath. The mains transformer is massive in relation to the circuit's needs.

Power transistor heatsinks on the inner face of the rear panel.

RCA 2N3055 power transistor, date code "0C" = March 1970.

Zobel network - to stabilise ("linearise") the impedance presented by the speakers and to protect them from potential fault conditions in the amplifier.