Vox Sound Limited Pricelist

July 1971

For an overview of the formation of "Vox Sound Limited" and its subsequent actions, . The solid state amplifiers, speaker cabinets and other items produced by the company are best found by going to the , and clicking on the named models - Defiant, Super Foundation Bass, etc.

This list, published in Beat Instrumental magazine in July 1971, just prior to the main British show of the year(the Associated Instrument Industries Fair) represents the state of affairs around a year after the first pricelist issued by the new company in August 1970 - .

Not a great deal has changed. Inflation has certainly had little effect. Amp and speaker covers, along with strings, are not listed. But all the major items are present and correct - except for the , which seem to have been quietly omitted or very probably dropped from the range.

The list is one of the only sources to give the price of the all-valve amplifier (released a few months earlier). It also records the appearance of the new 100 watt .

Curiously the Defiant, mentioned at the head of the piece, is said to be "new" - either some misapprehension, or perhaps a "push" for to keep its sales up.

Beat Instrumental magazine, July 1971
Beat Instrumental magazine, July 1971