Vox Compact 50

"Vox Sound Limited", late 1971 and 1972 (small numbers)

Below, pictures of a Vox "Compact 50B", "B" presumably standing for Bass. The "Compacts" were part of a short-lived range released by "Vox Sound Limited" in late 1971. Other members can be seen . Of the four principal types of amp produced - the Compact 50, Compact 100T ("Treble"), Slave Master, and Slave Driver - only The Slave Master was given any attention in the press of the time. Pages on an early Slave Driver .

VSL apparently produced very little publicity material to advertise these amps.

Externally the Compact 50B looks much the same as the 50W Slave Master and Slave Driver. The cabinets were designed to be stacked (note the wells on top for the feet of a surmounting unit); and the amplifiers too were built on a modular principle. Were it not for the name on front, one would be hard pressed to tell one type from another. No schematics have so far come to light, though the factory will doubtless have had drawn or printed working layouts.

The amps, from an electronic standpoint, are extremely well constructed - neat, tidy and indeed compact.

Vox Sound Limited Compact 50

Above, vignettes of the Vox/Birch-Stolec factory on the Ponswood Road Industrial Estate, St-Leonards-on-Sea (Hastings). On the right, Compacts or Slaves in covers awaiting despatch.