Vox at the British Musical Instrument Industries Trade Fair, 1970

16th - 20th August

The Russell Hotel Trade Fair was the first major event attended by "Vox Sound Limited" in 1970. Four members of staff had gone to the Frankfurt Musikmesse earlier in the year, but no display of any formal sort was mounted - the company was only a few weeks old at that time.

At the Russell Hotel in August, VSL presented its full range - amplifiers, speaker cabinets, guitars, organs, and accessories - and printed up a new catalogue and pricelist to accompany. The catalogue , and the . All but organs were reduced in scope in relation to former years, two losses among the amplifiers being the Vox Conqueror and Dynamic Bass.

However, a number of "packages" were offered - full equipment sets for groups of a variety of sizes - and it is presumably on these that the VSL sales team focused at the Fair.

Vox Sound Limited (Ltd) catalogue, page 4

Detail from the catalogue printed to accompany the Fair.

VSL had three spaces - one in the Winter Garden of the Hotel, a second in the Guildford Room (pictured below), and two adjoining rooms on the first floor (where equipment could be tried out).

The music trade press for the most part concentrated on the organs, partly because there were new additions, partly because in other areas much was the same as in 1969.

A page on the Fair of 1967, at which JMI unveiled a range of new items, . Pagse on 1968 and 1969 to follow.

Printed in September 1970.

Printed in September 1970.

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