(Jennings Musical Industries, Vox Sound Equipment Limited, Vox Sound Limited)

Jennings Musical Industries (JMI)

1967- mid 1968

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Above, the pricelist of April 1967. The Defiant is: £194 5s 0d. Covers presumably came with amp and cab as they are not listed separately.

Vox Sound Equipment Limited (VSEL)

mid 1968-early 1970

Above, an extract from Gary Hurst's review of the British Musical Instrument Fair in August 1968. The price of the Defiant amp section: between £117 (Conqueror) and £136 (Supreme).

Noted on the flyer above from February 1969, the price is: £235 0s 0d. Stamped on the last page: "Modern Music, 30 Castle Hill, Dudley, Worcestershire". For other pages, see here.

The prices of Vox equipment in July 1969. The Defiant is still £235.

Vox Sound Limited

mid 1970-late 1972

August 1970. The price of a Defiant (amp and cab) is £252.00. Chrome side stands are £13. A cover for the amp section: £1.50. Cover for the speaker cabinet: £3.00. TOTAL: £269.50. Amp and speaker cabinet could be purchased separately too. The Conqueror was in the process of being phased out in late 1970 - . The full pricelist is available here, and the accompanying catalogue here.

The prices listed in July 1971 as a preview of the Associated Musical Instrument Industries Fair in August. The Defiant, presumably again just amp and cab, remains at £252. The vignette of the Defiant is an old one from JMI days. As part of the sales push it is described as being "new", which it wasn't in any respect.

July 1972. Production had moved to the Birch-Stolec factory by this point (the move having taken place shortly prior to August 1971). Prices for 1972 will be posted soon.