VOX SOUND LIMITED - Wow Fuzz pedal made in Hastings (1971-1973)

Another page in progress on the Vox wahs, this one on the Wow Fuzz made in the Hastings factory (1971-73) to a Sola Sound design first marketed in February 1970: fuzz and wah combined.

For an earlier version of this pedal made at the Vox Works in Erith, 1970-1971 .

Effectively there were three principal Vox iterations:

(1) branded Sola Sound, but with a label on the underside stating that "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL) was the sole distributor. This pedal must have been made for a relatively short time as VSEL came to an end in early 1970.

(2) the pedal immediately below - branded "VOX" and "VOX SOUND LTD. ERITH, ENGLAND" on the base. VSL moved from the Erith factory in the summer of 1971.

Vox Sound Ltd Wow Fuzz pedal made in Erith

(3) the pedal in the lower half of this page - branded "VOX" and stating "VOX SOUND LTD. Hastings, Sussex" on the back. The Hastings factory was certainly up and running in the autumn of 1971. For the matching plain Wah pedal, .