VOX SOUND LIMITED - "Hastings" Wah Wah pedal

late 1971 - 1973

Pictures and details of the very earliest Vox Wha-Wha pedals - made by Jennings Musical Industries (JMI) - are being .

In terms of background, Vox Sound Limited moved to St-Leonards-on-Sea/Hastings in two stages: the factory first in the late summer of 1971, then the office, summer of 1972. For an overview, . At some point early in 1973 Vox Sound Limited (VSL) effectively came to an end as a public-facing business.

The label on the bottom of the pedal pictured in detail in the lower half of this page indicates that it was made by "Vox Sound Limited" at "Hastings" - the Vox factory being on the Ponswood Industrial Estate (really in St-Leonards-on-Sea, though Hastings and St-Leonards are coterminous).

Occasionally the "Hastings" pedals are described as having been made in 1975, but that is much too late.

In general form the "Hastings" Wah is half Sola Sound design and half Colorsound (which was owned by Sola Sound).

A Sola Sound Wah-fuzz pedal. The casing is the same as the Vox pedal. Note that the main body has a straight top. The footrest has the sloping section at back to allow it to tilt. The majority of pedals are made the other way round - body with a sloping section at back and flat underside to the foot-rest.

Advert from "Beat Instrumental" magazine, February 1970, the small inset picture showing the form of the pedal - new at the time. The "Vox Sound Limited" version of the Sola Wow Fuzz is pictured below.

Above a "Colorsound Wah-Fuzz Straight" with switches protruding through the flat of the footrest.

So far no plain Wah pedal made by another manufacturer has come to light with the features of the type pictured in detail below. The same is true of the matching "Vox Sound Limited" Wow-Fuzz pedal:

The Hastings Wow Fuzz pedal. For further pictures, .

"Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (1968-1970), the fore-runner of "Vox Sound Limited" marketed two versions of this pedal: one branded Sola Sound and labelled "SOLE DISTRIBUTOR: VOX", the other branded VOX. Yet another version was made by Vox Sound Limited early on (1970-1971), labelled with the address of the Vox Factory at Erith. See the .