Vox Sound Equipment Limited

June 1968 - early 1970

On this page, a selection of pictures and articles on "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL) from Beat Instrumental magazine from 1968 and 1969. Earlier notices relating to the Vox solid state range cab be found .

Documents illustrating the setting up of "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" as successor to Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI) .

A huge amount of effort was put into VSEL's display at the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair in '69 - not only because (one suspects) business was becoming harder to drum up in the face of stiff competition from Laney, Triumph, Marshall, and a multitude of new companies, but because news may have been afoot of further financial difficulties looming over VSEL.

"Vox Sound Equipment Limited" nonetheless remained "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" until at least January 1970.

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Beat Instrumental magazine, August '68

The new company. "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" in the words of Reg Clark, General Sales Manager, was "born at the beginning of June [1968]". The merchant bank that underwrote VSEL was the Corinthian Bank, named a year or so later in connection with the company's collapse. Corinthian's reputation was not good.

August '68

A snippet from Gary Hurst's account of the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel, London, 21st - 25th August, 1968, from "Beat Instrumental". The show took place in August - VSEL had therefore become the public name by that time.

A further detail from the account of the Trade Fair. The price of the Supreme is £281 (against £271 and 19 shillings in April 1967), and the Super Foundation Bass £211 (against £204 and 15 shillings). Perhaps more interestingly, amps and cabs are now available separately.

From Beat Instrumental, October 1968 - Dave Roberts, demonstrator for Vox, showing Dave Davis a Supreme at the Fair. On top of the amp, a copy of the Beat Instr. advert from Feb. '68.

The Vox display at the Russell Hotel - at this point publicly "Vox Sound Equipment Ltd". In terms of appearance, not a particularly scintillating presentation, alas (at least insofar as this shot records).

In the background, the new solid state PA amps - the SS50 and SS100 - which are noted in Hurst's report.

September '68

"More Groups choose Vox" - short notice in Beat Instrumental, September 1968.


Jan. '69

Organs and Gyrotones, Beat Instrumental magazine, January 1969. During the course of late 1968 and 1969, guitars, organs and PA equipment were the things that VSEL strove to push.

July '69

Notice in "Beat Instrumental" no. 75, July 1969, ie. just prior to the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair. A brief sales pitch by Reg Clark and notes on the prices of the equipment mentioned.

August '69

The Vox Sound Equipment Limited stand at the British Musical Instruments Trade Fair, 17th-21st August 1969. The advert in the foreground is the one that appeared in Beat Instrumental magazine in the same month.

VSEL advert from Beat Instrumental magazine, August 1969

Part of Gary Hurst's review of the BMI show in Aug. '69 - published in BI in October. The picture lower right captures part of the main Vox display.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 16th August, 1969, review of the "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" stand at the AMII Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel. Note that the PA amps - the SS50PA and SS100PA - are said to be new for 1969, along with the Multi-Link cabinets (4x12" and 2x15" + 2x12"). All had been introduced earlier in the year. The column speakers have been redesigned. The Midas organ amplifier is soon to appear. Links to the various items mentioned can be found .

October '69

Also from October 1969, a short piece on the winner of a competition set up in July

Vox Focus folding speakers described in Beat Instrumental, October 1969. The line was evidently prepared for launch at the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair in August. A set can be seen in the shot of the show posted above (under Aug. 1969). For surviving examples, . Prior to August '69, VSEL sold the LS40 columns designed by JMI in 1963.

November '69

Note on Vox Sound Equipment Limited guitars, along with prices, in "Beat Instrumental", November 1969

15th November, 1969

"Melody Maker" magazine, 15th November, 1969, signalling a small demonstration event in Leytonstone at which Vox was to be present. Such events were probably far more frequent than "Melody Maker" alone records.