"Vox Sound Equipment Limited" German catalogue


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On this page and its links, pictures of the catalogue produced by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" in 1969, probably to accompany its presence at the Frankfurt Trade Show ("Musikmesse") of March 1969. This was the first major trade show attended by the company.

Note that the Multi-Link speaker cabinets were first advertised in the UK in February 1969, and that the cover photo appears on the Vox organs brochure also released in the UK at that time (ie. Feb. '69).

It is not clear at the moment why the catalogue has, as its central bifolium, four pages of CEI organs. CEI was presumably a competitor.

The accompanying pricelist will be posted soon.

The JMI catalogue printed for the German market in March 1968 .

Pages on the history of "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", and the equipment produced and sold in 1968 and 1969 (the company folded in late 1969) .

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