JMI German catalogue

March 1968

Intro and 1st set of pages

On this page and its links, pictures of the catalogue produced by JMI to accompany its presence at the Frankfurt Trade Show ("Musikmesse") of March 1968. This was the last time that JMI attended a trade show of any sort. In the late Spring of '68, the company ceased trading. But the "Vox" range was saved by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL), which came into being a few months late.

The accompanying pricelist - - lists items by the lettered page (Seite) on which they appear.

The general lines of the catalogue are similar to the one printed for the German market in September 1967 - - but there are fewer accessories and the UL range of hybrid amps is gone.

An overview of the development of the solid state range is .

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Front page.

Inner front page - Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five.

Vox Jaguar, Continental and Super Continental II organs.