The earliest Supreme cabs were kitted out with Celestion speakers - see the examples on this page - but as time went on Goodmans were brought in, and for Defiants too. As many cabs are not numbered, it is difficult to say when exactly the change came about - but in all probability in August 1967, that is to say, at the very end of the JMI period.

Two cabs (one issued with Supreme serial no. 1121) with Celestion horns bearing mid July date stamps still have Celestion drivers.

The Goodmans speakers are less sensitive than their Celestion counterparts, but excellent nonetheless, and as heavy and solid as anyone could want.

15/16ohm Goodmans units

Made for JMI in autumn 1967

15/16ohm Goodmans ceramic speakers - 15535 H28, as below. Power rating 25W. Vox labels.

The same speakers as above, but with Goodmans' own label. The cast iron frame makes for an extremely heavy unit.

Note that very similar looking speakers could have different designations - 1062127 in the instance to the left, and 20578 36 to the right. The "type" given on the right is 112/12M/15. These numbers presumably designate the weight of cone and magnet, which might vary from one type of driver to another, according to the needs of the purchaser.

Code 15422 25.

One also finds Goodmans 15535 H28 ceramics with Vox Sound Equipment Ltd and Vox Sound Ltd stickers.

And later still, probably in the last true Supreme cabs (ie. with Midax horns) c. 1969 - 1970, the speakers appear with ridged plastic caps, and green Goodmans labels. Power rating 25W.

A late Supreme cab with an AC100.

Goodmans used the same assembly as above - frame and cover, etc. - for the 50W version of this unit (with red labels), its "Audiom 12P Power Range" speakers. "Power Range" is always designated on the label.

Part no. 15715.

8ohm Goodmans units

Made for JMI in the third quarter of 1967

The majority of JMI Vox Defiants had Celestion ceramic speakers. A few however, had Goodmans, as below:

Pictures from the Vox Showroom.

In the Vox Sound Equipment Ltd and Vox Sound Ltd periods, Goodmans were the norm. At first, drivers identical to the ones above, but with new labels. Later, red label Goodmans Power Range.

A Vox Sound Equipment Ltd Defiant with JMI inspection tag still present.

Below, later versions of the speaker with ridged tops (much as the examples with green labels, above:

Brochure from the 1970s

Later Audiom 12Ps had black frames: