Jennings Musical Industries (1967-1968), Vox Sound Equipment Limited (1968-1970) and Vox Sound Limited (1970-1973)

During the solid state years, Vox continued to provide labels for the speakers in its speaker cabinets, even though those speakers were largely hidden from sight. The first four examples on this page are early 1960s designs, used or at least devised initially for particular types of Fane, Celestion and sometimes Goodmans drivers - and there was no reason not to stick with them.

The reformulation of Vox/JMI as "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", however, naturally required changes, and so the striking (and handsome) new VSEL stickers - a single basic design in five sizes - for 18", 15", and 12" ceramic speakers; and for Celestion T1088s, and 10" ellipicals.

Jennings Musical Industries, Dartford, Kent

JMI "Heavy Duty" labels, occasionally on Fanes and 15" Celestions.

Celestion 10" speakers in Travellers and Virtuosos. The circular cut-out in the centre of the label allowed for the use of 10" speakers with a protuding nut (which some Celestions had).

Standard JMI labels for Celestion silver alnicos (T1088s) - an early Conqueror above.

Standard JMI labels for Goodmans and Celestion ceramics - Goodmans 241s and Celestion T1225 and T1297. Above, a Supreme cab. These labels were also used for the 15" and 18" Celestions in Dynamic and Foundation Bass cabs.

Above, an 18" Celestion in an early Foundation Bass cab. Celestion had obviously thought things through well. The sunken roundel on the dustcap is the same size as that of a 12" speaker. Companies could therefore use the same labels for various species of speaker.

A label designed by Goodmans for Audiom 90 bass speakers destined for JMI Foundation Bass cabs. These occasionally figure in early VSEL cabs too, VSEL having taken over unsold JMI stock in the summer of 1968.

Vox Sound Equipment Limited, Erith, Kent

Above, a standard VSEL label. These are found on 18", 15" and 12" ceramic drivers.

Labels on Celestion T1088s.

A small version of the label on a 12" elliptical speaker in a Focus 40 PA speaker cabinet.

Standard large VSEL labels on Goodmans ceramics in a Vox Supreme cab.

Vox Sound Limited, Erith, Kent

Few Vox labels were produced in the early Vox Sound Limited era. For the most part one finds only makers' labels.

The example below was produced between August 1970 and August 1971, probably solely for AC30s. The Vox Works moved to Hastings in August '71. Conquerors at this point were being phased out. VSL Conqueror cabinets generally have Goodmans ceramics.

Vox Sound Limited speaker label for Celestion silver alnico T1088s