Jennings Musical Industries Wah-Wah pedals: documents and other materials

For a general overview of the Jennings wah pedals, and a growing register of surviving examples, .

Perhaps the earliest instance of the Jennings advert for the new wah pedal from "Melody Maker", 22nd April, 1967, printed slightly differently from the "Beat Instrumental" version (a little way below):

"Melody Maker", 22nd April, 1967.

However, the pedal was clearly ready in some form early in 1967. The report below is of Dick Denney's demonstration at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, 26th February to 2nd March 1967. The pedal is likely to have been one of the things kept under wraps when photographers visited Dartford Road in January '67.

Published in the music trade press March 1967. For more on the Fair, on the Vox AC100 website.

A flyer and further adverts were produced:

Click as ever for larger images. The advert, first placed in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, May 1967, has the "please send further details" panel, lower right.

Above, a reply to a letter requesting information about a wah-wah tremolo arm, mentioned in "Beat Instrumental" magazine as being in development by JMI. Dated 10th October 1967. Note that the runner at the foot of the letter already names Cyril Windiate as General Manager. Tom Jennings, who to all intents and purposes had been fired in September, is for the sake of dignity, "Consultant to the Board".

Accompanying the letter sent by JMI from Erith was the first version of the US flexi disk, shown below back in place in the printed card from which it was popped out. An example of the second version of the disk still in its card can be seen in the entry below for the 8th April.

Thanks to Jim Nugent for information and material on the Vox Wah Wah pedals in England in 1967.


It turns out that at least three different promotional records were produced:

(1) the version of the plexi disc sent over from California to Jennings in England. As in the case of the version below, the disc came on a card, scored around so that it could be pushed out. Thomas Organ stock no. 08-00110-0

(2) with inset of Phantom guitar. This version, which contains an additional clip, does not seem to have been exported. The copy above was sent to Yeager's Music Store in Baltimore. Below, a copy still on its card. Thomas Organ stock no. 08-00110-0, as above.

One can see the scored outline of the disc on the back of the card.

(3) a disc presumably only issued to US radio stations. Thomas Organ stock no. 08-00132-0