Vox solid state amps in Melody Maker magazine 1966 and 1967

20th August 1966

The short blurb in Melody Maker (20 Aug. '66) on the Vox / Jennings Musical Industries showing at the BMI Trade Fair.

Melody Maker music paper, August 1966

The text from the advert below - likely to be the first issued by Vox for the solid state range of amplifiers in the UK. The "Watchdog", a limiter designed to stop power transistors tipping into overload ("clipping"), was a feature of American solid state amps ultimately not incorporated in the British range. See the dismissive remarks of , on the volume-restricting "Super Beatle".

The text of the ad:

"SOLID STATE...it's here. Solid State Amplifiers patented and perfected by VOX...Indestructible...reliable circuitry providing built-in top boost...Bass boost...distortion boost...middle-range boost (M.R.B.)...Reverb...Vibrato and the exclusive VOX Watchdog that ensures tonal purity up to maximum output...Full built-in protection against circuit breakdown...reduced maintenance...reduction in weight...SOLID STATE...it had to happen...it has happened because VOX it's what's happening.

Many new VOX Exclusives will be on show amongst the full range of VOX equipment at this year's Trade Fair at the Hotel Russell...21st - 25th August."

The report of the Trade Fair published in the October 1966 issue of "Beat Instrumental" magazine is given a little way down . Context for the pre-production amps exhibited at the Russell Hotel .

"Beat Instrumental", normally an early recipient of details from Vox, only managed a general report of the new solid state amps in its August issue. "Melody Maker" had the splashy advert.

"Melody Maker", 20th August 1966 - the advert for the British Musical Instrument (Associated Musical Instrument Industries) Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel, London, 21st - 25th August, 1966.

The report of the Fair published in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, October 1966

25th February 1967

A detail from the advert below, containing very probably the first illustration of amps in the bass range.

"Melody Maker" music paper, 25th February 1967 - the ad. to promote the Vox stand at the Frankfurt Music Fair in March. "Beat Instrumental" magazine did not publish a review of the exhibition unfortunately.

On a more general note, Vox presented some pretty strange adverts - assemblages might be a better description - in the "Melody Maker" in the later sixties. The one for the "Brian Jones" dulcimer is particularly odd.

For the full-page ads in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, . Shorter notices .

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