Vox Supreme, late JMI

Currently in the UK

Missing its back panel, so the serial number is unknown, but probably originally in the high 1100s or low 1200s. The latest visible date code is November 1967, so the amp was probably ready for sale in early 1968.

In the power section, the bias strings have been repaired, and the main transistors are now RCA 2N6254, replacing the original 2N3055. The original RCA 2N3054s remain (date codes May 1967).

In the preamp, the volume and tone pots have been replaced, so too the input jacks, but little else. Wear to the control panel indicates the amp had a good deal of use. It is still in good working order.

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Date code on the red CCL filter cap. is "C7" = March 1967

Preamp serial number: T SER. No. 01939

Power amp serial number: P10A SER. No. 01251

Replacement RCA 2N6254

The date code on the RCA 2N3054 is "7E" = May 1967

The date code on the red CCL filter cap. is "G7" = August 1967

"F7" = July 1967

The date code on the yellow CCL bias capacitor is "G7" = August 1967

The date code on the Welwyn resistor is "YK" = November 1967