Vox Supreme serial number 1058

currently in the UK

Power amp chassis 1045. Preamp chassis 1782. Something close to the output on the underside of the power amp combusted at some point. The amp required some attention to bring it back to life, but everything is now in working order. The handle is new, as is the MRB selector switch. Some of the knobs, acquired separately (as replacements), are from something like a Vox Echo unit, or perhaps effects units. The original Belling Lee mains input survives, as does the original mains cable.

The box, back board and preamp have round stickers marked "8" - perhaps indicating "1058". There are two chalkings inside the box, one indecipherable, the other "May", whose name appears in many boxes from 1966-1967.

The main CCL filter caps have date codes "K6" and "L6" = November and December 1966. Further date codes will be posted soon.