On the Stones European tour of late March and April 1967, Bill Wyman, one of the first to be issued with a Vox Super Foundation bass amplifier, used a 2 x 15" cab, which is considerably thinner than the amp itself. 1 x 18" and 2 x 18" speaker cabs and amplifier sections are as wide as each other.

"Midland Beat", March 1967 - an article promoting the new solid state range. Inset pictures show pre-production versions of the amps and cabs.

Super Foundation Bass speaker cabinets were available in two principal formats: 1 x 18" with a port at bottom; and 2 x 18" with no port. Both versions had closed backs. Although the first JMI solid state catalogue released in the UK indicates a single speaker, it is clear from surviving examples (and from other sources) that the version with two speakers was also in production in 1967.

Super Foundation bass speaker cabinets were generally not sold on their own. One had to buy amp and cab as a set. The main Super Foundation Bass amps pages .

First version of the JMI solid state catalogue for the UK, released in the Spring of 1967.

JMI catalogue released in Germany in March 1967 to coincide with the promotion of the new range at the Frankfurt Musikmesse of that year. The Super Foundation Bass is described as having two speakers.

The drivers chosen for both types of cabinet were for the most part Goodmans Audiom 91 (later Power Range) 18".

Detail from a late 1960s Goodmans speaker catalogue. JMI and VSEL provided their own speaker labels.

For its single speaker Super Foundation Bass cabinets, Vox used a 15ohm unit. For the twin speaker version, two 8ohm units wired in series.

Note that Goodmans could be cautious about power handling. The "50w" version of the Audiom 91 was rated at only 35w for bass in 1965. Still, that did not stop Vox from using it in AC50 Foundation Bass enclosures. Closed backs g-ve a good deal of protection to drivers:

Detail from a Goodmans catalogue, c. 1965.

In the "Vox Sound Limited" period, 1970-1972, one occasionally finds Celestion G18s (with a green dust cover).

Tall 1 x 18" cabs with a port

Super Foundation Bass serials number 1046 and 1067 can be seen with 1 x 18" speaker cabinets .


Serial number 1182 - currently in Germany

Recovered in red leatherette vinyl, but unchanged internally. Note the port at the bottom and the load protection resistors on the supporting strut.

The JMI identification plate attached to the amplifier section. The amplifier section's plate is now attached to the speaker cab. JMI rarely numbered its speaker cabinets.

The load protection resistors.

Super Foundation Bass cabs (in company with Foundation Bass units) regularly had two holes drilled in the back panel at factory. One was tolexed over. If a second socket was required, the tolex could simply be cut away - as in the case above. .

A VSEL labelled speaker. The grille cloth has been replaced. It is not certain at present whether the side hands are original. The identification plate is lacking unfortunately.

A relatively late "Vox Sound Ltd" cabinet with single speaker and port - serial number 294.

Tall 2 x 18" cabs, no port

Detail from the "Vox Sound Limited" catalogue of autumn 1970 -"...two 18" loudspeakers...". For the page in context, .

Super Foundation Bass serial number 1016 can be seen with a 2 x 18" speaker cabinet .


A late JMI Super Foundation set.

Vox Sound Equipment Limited (VSEL)

August 1968 - early 1970

Serial number 2029 - currently in France

Early "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", speaker cabinet serial number 098.

VSEL numbered its cabs from 001. The earliest identification plates were hand stamped, as in the case of the example above. The highest VSEL number encountered so far is 212.

Vox Sound Limited (VSL)

Early 1970 - late 1972

Vox Sound Limited cabs have silver string, plain silver logos (usually stating VOX alone) and for a short time, a "Super Twin Foundation Bass" runner. Speakers were often Fanes rather than Goodmans or Celestion.

As below, a "Super Twin Foundation Bass" cab - 2 x 18". One old style JMI-badged silver Celestion in place beside a later VSEL badged unit. The identification plate shows that the cab was sold by "Vox Sound Limited". Original wiring intact.

Above a "Vox Sound Limited" cab - serial number 256 - with "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" speakers. VSL took over stock from VSEL just as VSEL had taken over stock from Jennings Musical Industries in 1968. The runner on the front of the cab gives "Super Twin Foundation Bass".

Super Foundation speaker cabinet serial number 092.

"Vox Sound Ltd" - a "Super Twin Foundation Bass" cab - 2 x 18" - in great condition. Thanks to Cedric for the pictures.

Sold on ebay in 2016, a VSL Super Foundation Bass cab with a JMI Foundation Bass amp. Note the Fane drivers in the cabinet.

A nice late (very late) "Vox Sound Limited" Super Foundation Bass set currently in Denmark. Note the horizontal logo on the cab - a standard amplifier logo. These were also used on certain late Defiant cabs too.