Above, the Vox solid state catalogue of mid 1967

Although these speakers do not appear in "Vox Sound Limited" catalogues and pricelists, they were evidently available in reasonable numbers, numbers of sets presumably having been taken over from "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", which offered them up to 1969. The set below are serial numbers 265 and 297.

Recently surfaced on ebay.uk a pair of "Vox Sound Limited" LS60 (Linesource 60) public address speaker columns. The drivers are Celestion T1252s, date code FC26 = 26th June 1970.

In the Celestion "T" book, 1252s are noted as having been first introduced in May 1966: "Lightweight 12" speaker. 12ohms DC coil. (Jennings). 402 x 5" ceramic magnet. 9 Lbs Poly Grey and Vox label."

Note that the speaker labels have "Vox Sound Equipment Limited". The columns may well have been unsold stock taken over by "Vox Sound Limited" in mid 1970. Quite how this squares with "Serial Number 265" is unclear though.

That LS60s do not figure in the pricelist of August 1970, , may simply be due to the deliberately limited scope of that list and the accompanying illustrated brochure. But it should be said that neither they nor the LS40 feature in later advertising either.