A fantastic collection of Supremes found in Australia in 2019 Three VSL amp and cab sets, and one VSEL cab. Two of the VSL cabs have their original inspection tags (dated 11th July 1972) and covers. Thanks to Paul for info and pics.

Above, the inspection tags of "Vox Sound Limited" Supreme cabs, serial numbers 506 and 528 - the two middle ones in the group shot. Thanks to Paul Johnson for the pictures.

One of the VSL cabs contains a bag of feet tacked in with cable clips at the factory:

The Celestion speakers - all purpose T1925 with whizzer cone - have date codes "EF" = May 1972 - ie. produced only a couple of months (if that) before final inspection of the cab.

Below, a detail of the inspection tag of Supreme cab no. 525, formerly in the UK, currently in France. 11th July 1972 was a busy day for inspector "M".