A strange one - a "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" T100 bass cab. Some commentators say there was no such thing as a "T100", which is true early on. The cabs are generally referred to as "2x15s". But clearly during the VSEL period - late 1968 to late 1968 - they were given a formal designation.

The cab below has at least one old-style Goodmans Audiom 15" speaker with a blue label - blue generally meaning handling of 100W. Black label, as in Foundation Bass cabs, signified 50W. The driver does not appear to be wired in however.

The ident. plaque on the back of the cab gives the serial no. as 010, hand-stamped as all early Vox Sound Equipment Ltd plates were. String round the cab is gold.

The presence of an XLR connector (if original) on the back panel indicates use with a valve amp - either an AC50, which VSEL sold small numbers of, or possibly a left-over AC100.