VOX SOUND LIMITED - Dallas Arbiter pedals

Summer 1973 - 1976

Under the ownership of Dallas Arbiter, from summer 1973 to c. 1976, production of Vox equipment - still called "Vox Sound Limited" - was moved to the new Dallas Arbiter factory in Shoeburyness. This was a new build, begun in April 1973 and complete by April 1974. Dallas began moving in in May 1974. Under the building's extensive roof "Sound City" and "Vox Sound Limited" equipment, "Hayman" drums and guitars, along with numerous other product lines were manufactured:

Dallas Musical Industries, Shoeburyness factory, Essex. Ironically, construction of the factory more or less bankrupted Dallas. It was taken over by CBS in the winter of 1974, becoming CBS-Arbiter.

Prior to 1973/1974 Dallas's production was scattered all over the place. Hayman drums for instance were manufactured in the old Vox factory in Erith - the West Street Works - purchased shortly after Vox had moved production to the Birch-Stolec factory in Hastings/St-Leonards-on-Sea. For Dallas Arbiter-made AC30s and a more extensive overview of the somewhat turbulent fortunes of Dallas at this time .

A page from the Vox / Dallas Arbiter catalogue of 1975.

The pedals on offer are: "Tonebender mark 3"; an Italian-made "Wah"; and Sola Sound / Coloursound-made "Phazer", "Wah Swell" and "Wow Fuzz". There is also a "Super Phase".

A little later, a "Wah-Fuzz-Swell" was introduced (see below).

English-made Vox pedals from this period, in company with those from the earlier 1970s, are fairly thin on the ground these days.

The pedals, depending on the model, either have "SOLE DISTRIBUTION. VOX" on the sticker on the bottom, or simply "VOX".

Vox Wah-Fuzz-Swell - date sticker inside: 20th Feb. 1976.