Midland Beat magazine, March and April 1967

"Midland Beat" newspaper ran from 1964 to 1967, charting the music scene, in the main, at a local level in the midlands of England. From '64-67 there are no Jennings adverts - some pictures of groups with Vox amplifiers - but no great sales push. The Midlands were the preserve of Marshall and Park (some great early ads for those companies, especially Marshall). Then in 1967, with the advent of the solid state line, two huge Jennings ads appear:

March 1967. The illustrations are of the pre-production amps, the footswitch socket further over to the left and indicator lamps on top of the control panel. Some key comments from Tom Jennings - development of the range took some 80,000 man hours; Colin Barrett, the rep. for JMI, has been besieged with requests for the new range when travelling abroad; the Vox stand at Frankfurt Fair, one of the most important events in the calendar for Jennings, is likely to generate great interest; also on show, the new Gyrotone range.

Detail from above. The Super Foundation Bass cab is in its "production" form. In February 1967 it was illustrated in a form that was considerably wider.

April 1967.

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