Vox Dynamic Bass serial no. 1135

Below, a selection of pics of Dynamic Bass serial no. 1135 complete with its cover. Some capacitors in the preamp have been replaced - otherwise the amp is original. The details, for the time being, are given principally to show date codes where they are visible. Further shots will be added in due course.

The box was made by Heslop & Co., Rayleigh, Essex, on 12th May, 1967. Heslop, in company with JMI, was a member of the Royston Group of Companies.

Note that the preamp was the first Dynamic Bass unit to have been stamped - 30W. B PREAMP, SER. No. 01001 = 30W bass preamp, serial no. 01001. 01001 was always the beginning of the sequence for all solid state amps produced for Jennings Musical Industries (JMI) in the Burndept Works at Erith. Evidently this preamp sat on the shelf for some weeks before being picked up for serial no. 1135.

The power section chassis no. 01575. Its RCA 2N3055 transistors have the code "6M" = December 1966. The smaller red CCL capacitors in the preamp have "I6" and "L6" = September and December 1966. The large CCL caps in the power amp have "E7" = May 1967. The amp was presumably ready for sale at some point around June/July 1967.

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