The Prototype

Contrary to what one might expect, the Vox Discotheque unit was actually a thing initially of 1967 not the 1970s.

Below, part of the Vox stand at the "British Musical Instrument Industries" Trade Fair, held at the Russell Hotel, London, 20th-24th August, 1967. The Discotheque unit is centre left. On the back wall, the psychedelic lights that are in the background of several shots of Dick Denney demonstrating various new guitars at the show.

The chassis and Z-legs of the Discotheque unit are those of a Vox organ. For other items in the picture below, .

Denney with the Escort Special, the lights behind him.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, October 1967. Part of Gary Hurst's review of the Trade Fair, mentioning the lights.

The prototype discotheque unit was later advertised in "Melody Maker" magazine and sold, along with the lights.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 20th July 1968. The Vox Works were in Erith.

Production - "Vox Sound Limited" (1971-1973)

With disco all the rage, "Vox Sound Limited" resuscitated the idea, which had been mothballed by JMI and VSEL, for a twin record deck console. The decks were made by Garrard (Garrard SP25s), a company well-respected in field of turntables.

The cassette player was made by "Fantavox". Its budget audio components normally sold through Lasky's.

Below, the first major advert for the Discotheque / Discotape, published in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, 3rd August, 1971:

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, 3rd August 1971.

Vox Catalogue, 1972. The photo was taken in the "Hi-fi Club", Hastings.

Page from within the catalogue.

The specifications

A surviving VSL Discotape unit (owned by Martin Kelly).

Pictures of a Vox Discotape in red vinyl, probably from c. 1972, complete with its lid can be found .

Later 1970s and on

When Vox folded in 1973, its stock was sold off. The Roxburgh Sound Company, evidently bought up some, if not all, of the unfinished Discotheque/Discotape units. Bexhill and Rye are a short distance along the coast from Hastings, where "Vox Sound Limited" had been based.

Above, an advert for reconditioned Vox disco units, "Beat Instrumental" magazine, December 1973.

The small ads of English music papers from the 1970s have numerous adverts for disco units. Any that turn out to be relevant here will be posted below.