In late 1970, a new form of cab appeared - the "Companion" - more or less identical in form to the late Supreme cabs, but closed back and therefore considerably heavier. Side handles (let into the sides of the cabinet) were fitted to help with the moving of these weighty units.

Midax horns were provided initially (in early units), but they were phased out as production proceeded, the cut-outs in the cabinet baffles being blanked off at factory. Mounting hardware was provided on top of the cabinets for securing the Supreme amplifier section.

Drivers were normally Celestion T1925 - a type of G12H Greenback with a whizzer cone. These were "all-purpose" drivers, better perhaps for organ and bass than guitar.

The closed backs of these cabs - heavy slabs of 3/4" thick birch ply - adds to the bass response.

All-purpose "Companion" cab from 1972

One original driver - Celestion T1925 - remains with code HE = August 1972. Note that the heavy back has a chamfered edge and protrudes beyond the sides of the cab. The baffle has cut-outs for Midax horns but they were blanked off at the factory.

A pair of cabs with Eagle International tweeters added, and the opening for the upper Midax horns blanked off externally with a rectangle of aluminium. Speakers are Celestion T1925s. Note the consecutive serial numbers of the cabs: 122 and 123.