Although JMI entered receivership in late 1967, the company continued to function, putting on a display at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt in early March 1968, and presumably trading (if in a limited way) up to the point when the new company "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" was brought into being in June '68.

Below, some notices relating to JMI in this period:

Charlie Cobbett's brief run-down of the equipment that the Beatles recorded with in late 1967 - the Vox Stylist guitar (?) and McCartney's reported use of a Defiant and T100 speaker cab are surprising, however.

"Melody Maker", 13th January, 1968. Note that 117-119 Dartford Road is still given as the address for the Music Service (Loans) Dept.

Below, a purchase order dated 6th February 1968 from JMI to Macari's Musical Exchange for 100 Tonebenders. Macari's had taken over the old Jennings shop, 100 Charing Cross Road, in February 1967.

Purchase Order, February 1968

Note that the order book at this point was given the lines at top: "Receiver and Manager Appointed 8th December". The order was approved by the Official Receiver.

JMI at the Frankfurt Spring Fair - the Musikmesse - of 1968 (3rd-7th March). The position of the stand was the subject of a note in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, January 1968.

"Melody Maker", 2nd March, 1968. Hall 11 was the venue reserved for the Musikmesse - ie. the hall where Arbiter, WEM, Selmer and other British manufacturers also exhibited.

"Beat Instrumental", January 1968.

Vox Sound Equipment Limited - the new company

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, August 1968: Reg Clarke states that "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" had been "born at the beginning of June":

"Beat Instrumental", August 1968.

For further details on the genesis of "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL), . Links to VSEL-made amplifiers and so on are .