VOX DEFIANT serial number 1031

Jennings Musical Industries: c. April 1967

Below, mainly details showing the two modules - preamp and power sections - and components bearing decipherable date codes. The general entry for this amp is here. The preamp chassis is no. 01233.

The yellow Lemco capacitors have the date codes "XL", "XM" and "YB", respectively November and December 1966, and February 1967.

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General front view, with new lens and handle.

Preamp module, front

Preamp module, back

Power section, back

Power section, front

RCA power transistor, date code "6E" = May 1966.

Output board, power section, Lemco date code "XL" = November 1966.

CCL filter capacitor, date code "L6" = December 1966.

CCL filter capacitor, date code "K6" = November 1966.

STC rectifier diode block - "66".

Preamp: CCL smoothing capacitor, date code "I6" = September 1966.

Preamp: Lemco capacitors, codes "XL" = November 1966, "XM" = December 1966, and "YB" = February 1966.

Preamp: Lemco capacitor "XM" = December 1966.

The latest observable date code is one of the Lemco capacitors = February 1967, which gives us our terminus post quem - one in this case we might have guessed, but good to have the fact nonetheless.

Defiant no. 1102 has inspection tags from 24th April 1967, so 100 or so amps had been made by that date.

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