Solid State Catalogue - Queen's Award for Industry

A second version of this catalogue, lacking the Queen's Award symbol, was issued in 1967 with the same texts and pictures but a different front cover. It was later re-issued by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" with an adjusted rear cover.

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Front cover

Introduction to Vox solid state amplifiers.

Vox Traveller and Virtuoso.

Vox Conqueror, Defiant and Supreme.

Dynamic, Foundation and Super Foundation Bass.

Line Source speakers and Public Address amplifiers.

Microphones and Stands.

Vox AC50, AC30 and Echo units.

Vox Wah-Wah pedal, Footswitch, and Boosters.

Vox Jaguar and Continental.

Vox Super Continental II and Gyrotone units.

Rear cover