For the Rolling Stones European tour, March and April 1967, . The band had two Supremes and a Super Foundation Bass.

Daily Express "Record Stars Show" - Wembley, 16th April 1967

Cream: Eric Clapton with a Supreme, Jack Bruce with a Super Foundation Bass, just visible at the foot of the second picture. The Daily Express show was probably the first public occasion in Britain in which the new solid state amps were seen. The Troggs also used the amps for their set.

Manfred Mann - May 1967

Manfred with The Restless Sect, Berlin 1967. On the floor, the pre-production Supreme with which he is pictured in photos from 1970 - slivers below. The speaker socket is at left on the back, and the mains socket at right. In standard production amps the speaker socket is at right, and the mains socket in the centre. Klaus Voormann (in picture) was the band's bassist.

Above, details of his amp taken in 1970. Note the position of the footswitch socket (and the orientation of the DIN plug), and the numbers next to the inputs on the top panel. For further pre-production amps, .

NME Poll Winners Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley, 7th May

Equipment was provided for the concert as ever by JMI. Pictures from 1967 are scarce, however. Below, The Move with two Supremes and a Super Foundation Bass, and Cliff Richard, a Supreme at left. Low quality audio of Cream's performance exists.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 13th May, 1967. The Move on stage.

Cliff Richard. Picture from Alamy.

The Animals - July 1967 (and 1968)

The Animals at the "International Love In", Alexandra Palace, London, 29th July, 1967. The second picture is from Getty Images.

Live TV Show: "Berlin bietet Beat" - 12th January, 1968. At 1.13", one gets a glimpse of the white stickers that can be seen on the front of the Supreme amplifier sections in the pic taken at the Alexandra Palace.

The Pretty Things - November 1967

Above, The Pretty Things on stage in Wuppertal, Germany, November 1967, the Supreme just visible on the keyboard stand. Below, Copenhagen, 1968 - a great rear view of the amp.

Los Brincos - TV show, 1967/68?

A Super Foundation Bass, and a Supreme and AC100 with two 7120 cabs. Between 2' 00" and 2' 15" in the clip, the camera passes behind the Supreme and SFB.

Los Bravos

Los Bravos - users of Vox equipment from 1965. Pictured above, Supremes and a Super Foundation Bass, 1967-1969, and at least one 4120 cab. The Supremes were probably exchanged for the 7 and 4 series amps that originally accompanied the cabs.

Captain Beefheart - 27th January 1968

On Cannes beach - a promo film with an array of Vox equipment - two Supremes, two AC100s, a 4120 cab, and a set of column speakers.

Blossom Toes - February 1968

Live on stage - the Supreme visible at right. A video of the band on the French TV show "Baton Rouge" using a full set of Vox solid state gear exists, but is up and down on youtube like a yo-yo.

Daily Express Record Stars show, Empire Pool, Wembley - 29th March 1968

The backline provided by Vox, as it had been for the All Stars show at Wembley, 16th April 1967 - see the top of this this page. The amps were used by all but a very few bands on the bill.

The day's events are outlined here. The show was televised by a BBC outside broadcast unit. On stage, there are three Supremes, a Foundation Bass, a Super Foundation Bass, an AC100 and AC30.

The two pictures above: The Easybeats

Simon Dupree and the Big Sound

Left to right: The Move; Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch; The Spencer Davis Group.

NME Poll Winner's Concert - 12 May 1968

Fantastic amateur colour footage. No sound, but one can see the equipment on stage perfectly well.

In a piece published in Beat Instrumental magazine, August 1968 (below), Reg Clark notes: "It's funny, but even though we (Vox/JMI) were in the hands of the Receiver, the organisers still asked us to supply the amplification for the Wembley Poll-winners' Concert, as they have done for many years".

The Rolling Stones - May 1968

Shaping "Sympathy for the Devil" for the camera in Jean-Luc Godard's film "One Plus One" - shot in Olympic Studios, London.

The "Monster Concert" - Zurich, 30th and 31st May 1968

For a series of pictures, see this page.

The Hollies - August 1968

The Hollies at the Split Festival, August 1967, televised for Croatian TV. One of the cabs is a Supreme (on the left), the other a 760.

The Cortinas - September 1968

Playing at the Marquee Club - two Supremes and an AC100 for bass. Pictures from this page.

Copenhagen - October 1968

A JMI Supreme and Defiant on stage at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, October 1968 - presumably thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of Reg Clark (General Sales Manager) and his team - see the mini-biographies . By the time the concert took place, JMI had become "Vox Sound Equipment Limited".

John Lee Hooker and T-Bone Walker. Picture from Getty images.

Muddy Waters and band: the Defiant, which Muddy is using, seen from back of stage.

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - November 1968

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich with three Supremes and a Super Foundation Bass on the parade ground of the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, 7th November 1968.

MAN - Beat Club 1969

A relatively low-quality clip, but two Supreme cabs visible, along with the band's AC50 and 4120 amp.

The Isle of Wight festival, 1970

An array of Supremes and Super Foundation Basses for Tony Joe White, Lighthouse and Chicago. For further pics of the concert, taken by people attending, see the - site pix 1-35.

PENTANGLE - 1969 and 1970

Above, Pentagle with two Defiants and a Foundation Bass at the Isle of Wight festival, 1st August, 1968; and at the World Wildlife Fund concert, Albert Hall, 17th March 1970.

MAN - Promo Film 1971

"Daughter of the Fireplace" with a full complement of Vox Sound Ltd equipment, Midas Gyrotone amp for the organ included.

Marc Bolan - 1970-1971

Marc Bolan with a Supreme, 1st January 1970. Pic from Getty Images.

T-Rex at the Weeley Festival, 27th August 1971, a Supreme at right in background. Pic. as above from Getty Images.

Chuck Berry - 3rd Feb. 1972

Chuck Berry backed by the Roy Young Band on stage at the Locarno Ballroom, Coventry, 3rd February 1972, with two Supremes. It's not immediately clear which he's plugged into though. The song recorded on the evening :

Photo by .

Pictures of the Locarno .

Hawkwind - 1973

Above, unknown venue - perhaps a televised performance - 1973. The small stack of solid state amps in the background at left.

Harlow 1973. The solid state amps far right in the gloom.

Del Detmar of Hawkwind with his three solid state amps - two Conquerors and a Bass unit.

Spacemen 3 - 1980s

Spacemen 3 with a Vox Conqueror (not a Supreme as is sometimes said).