Vox Transistor Brochures - Thomas Organ (1966) and Jennings (1967)

Below, the Thomas Organ brochure from 1966 setting out the rationale for transistors. This was taken up in 1967 by Jennings and issued with a slightly different cover and other modifications.

Remember though that Jennings had long produced transistorised equipment - the T60 bass amplifier (1961); PA mixers and the preamps of the PA amplifiers, 30W, 50W and 100W (1964); and the hybrid UL series amplifiers (1965-1966).

The four pictures above, the Thomas Organ brochure

The cover of the Jennings brochure. Notice that the amplifier sections do not have the sloping sides depicted in the Thomas version.

Below, pages from the JMI solid state brochure, printed in black and white in the "Vox Story", ed. Denney and Petersen. The text provided in the American version has been enlarged upon considerably.

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