Birch-Stolec factory 1971-1973

The amps on this page were designed at the Birch-Stolec factory, St Leonards-on-Sea (near Hastings), during the summer of 1971, in readiness for the Associated Musical Instrument Industries (A.M.I.I.) Trade Fair in late August of that year. The AMII was successor to the British Musical Instrument fair.

Beat Instrumental magazine reported the appearance of the Slave Master amplifier, which was available in two formats - bass and general purpose. As many as ten units could be daisy-chained together.

Snippet from Beat Instrumental, August 1971

Whether these sold well is anybody's guess. Probably not to groups or bands, though there may have been a market in night clubs and smaller venues that needed "house equipment".

Vox Compact 100T

Bass and Normal channels. Simple volume and tone controls, no effects, though there is a loop line out for reverb. The tweeters are later additions. Presumably equipped with four Celestion greenbacks, either T1217, as in the unit below, or T1925s with the "whizzer" round the centre (particularly good for helping the treble along when used with bass). Evidently these units were designed to be stacked! Note the wells on the top of the cabinet.

Vox Slave Master

Just the chassis remains. The full unit came in two versions - one with 4x12", presumably much as the Compact 100 above - the amps are the same - the other with 2x18". One can see on the Compact 100 that a sticker replaces the legend "Slave Master". It may be that a sticker was once applied to the fascia of the amp immediately above too.

Vox Slave Driver

A similar format to the unit above, and also designed to be stacked. Two Celestion T1217s. Presumably 50-60W output; again simple volume and tone controls.