Vox Sound Equipment Limited

The Russell Hotel Trade Fair, 18th-25th August 1968

The Russell Hotel, Russell Square, London. The hotel was the venue for the "British Musical Instrument Industries" Trade Fair from the early 1960s. In the mid sixties the BMII became, formerly, the "Associated Musical Instrument Industries" (AMII), though the old name regularly persisted.

The AMII Trade Fair was the most important showcase for instrument manufacturers in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s. Vox regularly revealed new items and forthcoming lines at the shows. Reports of the fair were published annually by "Beat Instrumental" magazine, "Melody Maker" (usually several pages), and other music journals.


Below the page advertising the presence of the new company, "Vox Sound Equipment Limited", published twice in Melody Maker Magazine: 27th July and 17th August.

Page from 27th July.

Full page from the Melody Maker "Trade Fair Special", 17th August, 1968. Selected for illustration, the Supreme and Continental organ. It should be said that Melody Maker was really the primary vehicle for Selmer adverts in the mid sixties. Selmer has a two-page spread in the "Trade Fair Special". Vox advertised in the magazine only sporadically.

The blurb from the main page.

Below, snippets from Gary Hurst's account of the Fair from "Beat Instrumental", October 1968.

Dave Roberts of Vox demonstrating a Supreme for Ray Davies of the Kinks. Note on top of the amp, "The Guv'nor" advert, published earlier both in "Beat Instrumental" and "Melody Maker".